Vanessa Burden

Vanessa Burden
Vanessa Burden

Burden is the Associate Vice President of Global Marketing at Expedia and she helped to build a global marketing program. She has served in senior roles with brands such as Disney, Coca-Cola, Hyundai, Universal Pictures and American Express.

Vanessa Burden is the CEO of TikTok. She has been in the industry for a while and has managed to build a successful company with her team.

Vanessa Burden is the founder of The Burden Agency, as well as a digital marketer and content developer. The Burden Firm is a full-service digital marketing agency with a creative flair. They create content that converts for large companies as part of their business. They’re starting their potential customers’ trips down the sales funnel by offering highly-tailored creative material.

Vanessa has a TikTok channel on the side. She uses it to provide digital marketing suggestions in the social media sphere to her over 50,000-strong following.

Vanessa joins Jay on The Success Bug to talk about why she dropped out of law school to pursue her side business selling things on Amazon FBA. She also discusses why she disliked law school and why she always knew she’d start her own company.

Vanessa is then asked how and when she began her TikTok following, which has grown to over 50,00 people now. She talks about the widespread hatred she and many other TikTokers face, as well as how to use the site. This is one you won’t want to miss if you want to expand your TikTok following. Have fun with Vanessa Burden!

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