How Is The Net Worth Of Chris Cuomo $12 Million?

How Is The Net Worth Of Chris Cuomo  Million?
How Is The Net Worth Of Chris Cuomo  Million?

Chris Cuomo is the son of Chris Christie, former Governor of New Jersey. He followed his father’s footsteps by going into politics himself and became a host on CNN before leaving in 2009 to create his own show at Fox News Channel called “New Day.”
Chris Cuomo has been criticized for being too conservative over the years. His net worth is estimated to be 12 million dollars according to Celebrity Net Worth

Chris Cuomo is a journalist, talk show host, and the son of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo. He has a net worth of $12 million.

Have you ever wondered how much Chris Cuomo is worth? This CNN correspondent is well known for his Cuomo Prime Time special. Chris Cuomo is the brother of former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who also works for several news sites. Mario Cuomo, Chris’s father, was the Governor of New York State at the time. Chris Cuomo has a net worth of $12 million as of March 2022.

Early Years

Cuomo was born and raised in the Queens borough of New York City. Mario and Matilda Cuomo, his parents, placed a high priority on his education. Cuomo attended a private prep school in Albany after graduating from Immaculate Conception School in Jamaica, Queens. Chris Cuomo went on to Yale University and Fordham University School of Law for his undergraduate and law degrees, respectively.


Cuomo began his career in television journalism by covering political and social problems. CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News proceeded to boost his visibility. Cuomo was also hired by ABC as a co-anchor for the 20/20 show. His reporting on the effects of heroin addiction on suburban neighborhoods raised awareness about the problem.

His experience as a news anchor for Good Morning America was diverse. Cuomo covered the War on Terror as well as other controversial events from September 2006 until December 2009. Cuomo has also covered the 2007 Virginia Tech Shooting, the Haiti earthquake, the 2009 Fort Hood Shooting, Hurricane Rita, and other news issues.

Cuomo also maintained a website named “Cuomo On The Case” while at ABC, which included two weekly digital episodes. The Real Deal and Focus on Faith were the names of these two shows.

Cuomo joined CNN in 2013 as a co-host of the network’s morning program. His first assignment for CNN was to cover the February 2013 Nor’Easter. Cuomo went on to anchor Cuomo Prime Time in 2018. Cuomo was also working on a book on Donald Trump’s presidency before quitting CNN.


Chris Cuomo has been nominated for a number of Emmy Awards. Cuomo was also honored with a News Emmy Award, despite being one of the youngest winners. The Polk and Peabody Awards, the Edward R. Murrow Award, the Gerald Loeb Award, and the Silver Gavel Award are among his numerous honors.

Chris Cuomo is the governor of New York. 2022 Net Worth

Chris Cuomo has a net worth of $12 million as of March 2022. Cuomo’s net worth is mostly derived from his CNN pay of $6 million per year while anchoring Cuomos Prime Time. His broad coverage of several issues, as well as his media background, are further factors to consider.

After a lawyer for a former coworker accused the presenter of sexual misconduct, Chris Cuomo was sacked from CNN in late 2021. Chris’s close and involved engagement in his brother’s political activities, which CNN was unaware of, was also revealed by the New York attorney general.

Important Points to Remember

  • “You can’t simply discuss politics all day — it’s dull.” It’s particularly crucial in journalism to inject some personality into the material you’re reporting on. This applies to all areas; leverage your uniqueness to your advantage by sticking out, within reason.
  • Put yourself in awkward situations: When Cuomo was offered the chance to cover the War on Terror, he knew he’d be working in locations like Iraq and Afghanistan, where he’d be exposed to threats like IEDs. You should never be scared away by the danger that comes with an opportunity.
  • It’s all about your reputation: Cuomo’s image has been tarnished as a result of his misbehavior charges, as brilliant as a television journalist he was. “It takes 20 years to develop a reputation, and five minutes to destroy it,” Warren Buffett stated.

The “andrew cuomo net worth 2021” is a question that has been asked by many people. It is unclear how Chris Cuomo’s net worth of $12 million was made, but it is possible that he received his wealth from his father who was a successful attorney.

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