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Steve Muelz is CEO of GrowthLab and the author of “The Startup Checklist: Building a Strong Foundation for Success.” The book, which has recently been released on Amazon, offers advice to entrepreneurs on how to get from idea to market share in record time.

Why You Should Be Concerned Muelz, Steve

Steve Muelz, a 26-year-old freelance cameraman and visual artist, was our sixth interviewee. Steve has been doing videography for more than three years. It all began for him with the distribution of fliers on his campus. He’d advertise his vlog, in which he recorded himself cooking, exercising, and even giving motivational advice.

He was able to develop a sizable following on campus as a result of his efforts. Unfortunately, after graduating from college, he lost almost all of his followers and had to start all over again. He knew it would be difficult, but with perseverance and hard effort, he was able to establish himself as a successful freelancer, working with brands such as and College Babes, and having his work shared on Instagram by musicians like as DaBaby, Chris Brown, and Meg Thee Stallion.

You’ll find out in this episode

How Steve was able to follow his passion after college, take cautious chances, avoid traps, and use his personality to his advantage. You’ll also discover how he maintained his faith despite the fact that his family and friends questioned him along the road.

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Steve’s Instagram, Steve’s Instagram, Steve’s Instagram, Steve’s Instagram Vibing on Instagram with Steve Muelz

“Everyone on campus was watching what I was going to do.” I couldn’t simply leave them with nothing to do.”

“It seems like everything we do in college is just preparation for the future.” “Let me show you what a little attention is and see how you cope with it,” God says in a foreboding.

“Every day is a page in your book, and life is like a book.” You can’t entrust the writing of your book to others.”

“This isn’t what you’ve done before. It’s what you’re going to do starting today.”

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