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Shopify is a platform designed to help businesses with their online marketing. It has many features, such as its App Store and blog post service. However, the company’s cutting-edge technology can be overwhelming for smaller companies that lack in technical knowledge.

The “shopify reviews & complaints” is a blog that is dedicated to reviewing and complaining about Shopify. The site has been around for a while, but it’s popularity has increased recently due to the release of Shopify 2.0.

Have you ever wanted to start an e-commerce company but weren’t sure where to start? We understand your anguish! We’ve been there, but we’ve discovered that the finest platform for selling your stuff is none other than Shopify. We’ll walk you through a full assessment of Shopify in this article so you can decide whether it’s the ideal match for you.

This article will go over all they have to offer, including their features, applications, functionality, and price levels. Let’s get started on the world’s biggest e-commerce platform!

Shopify – An Overview of the Versatile Platform!

Shopify is the most user-friendly online tool for creating e-commerce businesses and launching items to consumers all over the globe. Shopify is a well-known and well-respected website builder with over one million users in over 175 countries. It’s no wonder that it has a worldwide presence, since it has all of the required designs and marketing tools for an online merchant to launch, promote, and sell things.

Shopify was founded in 2004 by two entrepreneurs who were concerned with the lack of an e-commerce platform with the capabilities they needed to create an online shop. They first established Shopify in 2006, with the goal of ensuring that Shopify customers don’t need to be computer savvy to design, optimize, or manage their business. Shopify provides you with a variety of user-friendly themes, templates, tools, and applications, as well as complex capabilities, to help you succeed online.

Shopify’s plans

Shopify is one of the most versatile and dependable platforms available, with three different options available based on the sort of company you want to create. 

Shopify Lite is a free version of Shopify. 

Offered at $9 per month – this plan is for anyone who wants to sell products without maintaining an online store. So if you want to sell your products on social media or embed a Buy Button on a website or blog, you can do so with this plan. This plan comes with Shopify’s standard features for point of sale and Buy Button sales channels, their Overview dashboard, and their Finances report. However, Shopify Lite is a free version of Shopify. does not allow you to build an online store.

Shopify for Beginners

This subscription, which costs $29 per month, is the most cheap for newcomers and enables you to sell an infinite amount of items. This is the finest option for you if you wish to open a shop with a wide range of items. They provide two staff accounts on this package, as well as abandoned cart recovery and phone help.


This package, which costs $79 per month, includes everything Basic does and more. This package is perfect for a growing company that need additional features including Acquisition, Inventory, Behavior, and Marketing reports. For all purchases made on your website, this plan also offers a cheaper credit card cost (only 2.6 percent ).

Shopify Advanced

At $299 a month, this subscription includes all of Shopify’s services and features, as well as a discounted credit card payment rate. This subscription includes 15 staff accounts, a sophisticated report builder, and access to third-party shipping rates.

Shopify Plus is a service provided by Shopify. 

Personalized Budgets – Personalized Budgets – Personalized Budgets – Personalized Budgets – This plan is designed for high-volume sellers and big organizations with Enterprise-grade solutions. You’ll only need it if your shop has a workforce of more than 15 people and you require more flexibility.

If you’re serious about beginning an e-commerce company, we suggest starting with a free trial and then upgrading to the basic plan as your business grows.

What makes Shopify unique are its features.


You’ve seen their many plans, but in this Shopify review, we’ll show you that it’s more than simply a firm with variable pricing.

Friendly to the user

The number one thing that the developers kept in mind when creating Shopify was making sure it was Friendly to the user. With absolutely no coding expertise needed, you can upload multiple products to your store and design your website in a myriad of ways with relative ease. 

Shopify seamlessly combines all of the tools required to create a website and provides your business a clean, professional appearance. You may always go to Fiverr and hire an economical freelancer with Shopify set-up expertise if you want to add complex functionality to your business.

Excellent Themes 

The Shopify themes are pre-built frameworks for developing a website’s layout. Their pre-built themes are appealing, and they provide a variety of options based on the sort of shop you have. Design or specializations such as electronics, Home Décor, boutique, and more may help you define your theme. You may also choose a theme based on technical specifications such as:

  • Personalization or customization
  • SEO stands for “search engine optimization.”
  • Responsiveness
  • Integration of social media
  • Resources for optimization that are freely accessible 
  • Switching Languages

Their themes are responsive, which means that the style of your website will alter depending on whether your user is on a smartphone or a desktop computer. Shopify provides all of its customers with 10 free themes, or you may pay for one of their 64 premium themes.

Despite the fact that they provide a choice of pre-built themes, you may customize any of them to your preference. You may alter their theme templates using their drag and drop functionality to tailor your website to your desire. 

App Store for Shopify

Shopify provides a robust app store that allows you to add a range of apps to your site to expand the functionality and features that you may need based on your company requirements. You may utilize hundreds of free and paid tools to accomplish your objectives, including email marketing, landing page creation, heat map analytics, and more.



We wanted to look at not just e-commerce but also dropshipping in our Shopify study. Dropshipping is ideal for anybody who doesn’t want to start their e-commerce business with any inventory. All you have to do to dropship on Shopify is add items to your site and dropship them using automatic and manual programs. They also allow you to customize your shipping selections, computations, and other options.

It also enables you to integrate the app with your preferred dropshipping provider, allowing you to automate the process by automatically transferring orders to your dropshipping source or manually handling each order one at a time. 

Management of Products

Shopify allows you to properly manage your goods by allowing you to create variants depending on size, color, material, and weight. These management tools let you keep track of your product display and inventories.


Payment gateways are a vital and critical component of every company. As a result, Shopify allows you to accept payments from consumers through Paypal, Amazon Pay, Stripe, and other methods. It supports up to 100 different payment channels and takes payments in all major currencies.

SEO & Marketing Tools

The primary actors in generating traffic to your website that leads to sales are SEO and marketing tools. Shopify provides a variety of tools to help you improve your digital marketing efforts.

The following are some examples of marketing tools:

  • Analytics Tools: It provides information on the performance of your site, comparable to Google Analytics. 
  • Email Marketing: Apps like Segundo, Constant Contact, and others may easily be used to manage email marketing campaigns.
  • Multilingual: Some themes or plugins, such as Langify, may be downloaded to easily establish multilingual storefronts.


Every website-building platform has advantages and disadvantages, and Shopify is no exception.


  • Advanced features and functionality for self-driven online enterprises
  • More than 1000 apps in the App Store for Shopify to download and add new functionality to your site
  • When it comes to hosting, Shopify enables you to deal directly with them.
  • They provide a 14-day risk-free trial.
  • On a shoestring budget, there are ten free themes and hundreds of free applications to get you started.
  • Inventory management, sales automation, and order fulfillment are all advanced features.
  •  Almost all Dropshipping Suppliers applications are compatible.
  • It enables you to sell on a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, eBay, and Amazon.
  • Customer service crew that is really devoted


  • For payments made using the app, they levy a transaction fee.
  • Their blog area allows you very little customization.
  • Changing themes might cause material to become distorted, and it’s not always easy to reformat.
  • To automate the dropshipping process, you’ll need to invest in several software.

Important Points to Remember

Shopify is a full-featured sophisticated e-commerce platform that provides value to its clients and enables them to launch their businesses for a reasonable cost. It is designed exclusively for the creation of online businesses and includes a solution for all of the issues that come with operating an online company. They are always improving their user interface and launching new applications to help you overcome technical problems and expand functionality and features.

It includes all of the tools needed to start and run an online company, from basic themes to extensive optimization and automation software. 

It can also be connected with all of the top dropshipping providers, such as Ali-express and DHgate, to help you develop your company.

Shopify is the platform to choose if you’re serious about starting an online business. 

 Let Shopify handle the rest of your company while you focus on choosing the appropriate things to sell.

There is no danger in giving this platform a try since they provide a 14-day free trial as well as free customer assistance.

The “shopify reviews from sellers” is a website that provides reviews of products and services on the Shopify platform. The site also offers resources for new merchants, as well as advice on how to maintain a successful business.

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