Alec Gillinder & Quinn King

Alec Gillinder is the editor-in-chief of C4Media, and Quinn King is a digital marketer at ASOS. They talked about how brands can use influencers to promote their products. Their discussion began with how they both ended up in marketing roles, but eventually their conversation turned into an exploration of what happens when marketers are too reliant on social media as a way to reach consumers.

Why You Should Know Alec Gillinder & Quinn King

Alec Gillinder and Quinn King, two friends keen on shaking up the medical device sector, were our sixth interviewees. Alec and Quinn enrolled in Invent @SU during their third year of college at Syracuse University, a 6-week summer program where you may build a product and propose it to a board of investors for a chance to win cash awards.

Most youngsters now participate in business plan contests like this one for the experience. They believe it’d be fun to compete, and the prospect of winning appeals to them, but they don’t go all out for it. However, Alec and Quinn are not typical children. They just had one goal: to win.

So they went down and analyzed every past competition winner, and discovered that practically all of them worked in the medical equipment business.

As a result, they started to work and developed L-IV (The Liberating Intravenous System). This portable IV system uses two simple straps to attach an IV system to the body, enabling the patient to receive therapy while staying mobile.


This idea earned them first place in the competition and a $5,000 prize, as well as a $1,000 grant to assist them create their first prototype. Not only did they win this competition, but they also took first place in The Impact Prize Competition. Impact Prize is a business plan competition in which teams are chosen by personnel with experience in civic engagement or social entrepreneurship to propose their idea and receive grant money.

They subsequently finished second in CuseTank, a “Shark-Tank” type competition in which student inventors present their ideas to a panel of notable entrepreneurs, earning them another $2,500. Following that, they won the Panasci Business Plan Competition, a campus-wide student business plan competition. Getting a cheque for $20,000 this time.

Finally, the two joined the ACC InVenture Prize Competition, the year’s most prestigious startup competition! They placed second out of 12 other Atlantic Coast Conference’s finest entrepreneurs from colleges such as Duke, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, and Virginia Tech, earning additional $10,000.

They were just accepted into the famed MassChallenge Boston accelerator, a nonprofit organization that has generated over $6 billion for its numerous firms. These two are poised to create significant ripples in the medical device sector, and this interview will allow you to get inside their heads and understand how they think.

This episode will teach you

How to win business plan contests, how to think beyond the box, and how to build something that makes a difference rather than merely adding value. You’ll also discover what Alec and Quinn believe is the most important factor in their early success and what other people should do if they want to start their own firm.

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“In a sense, the secret to entrepreneurship is seeing all the challenges in front of you and simply going for it.” And you must not be frightened to put your problems aside and offer your all.”

“In terms of our age, Alec and I were never hesitant to defy societal standards. People doubted us early on because of our age, and I believe that keeping the mentality of “keep going” helped us get through.”

“At one point, we said to ourselves, if we’re going to undertake this business plan competition, we may as well win it.” So the first thing we did was check up all of the prior competition winners, and all of them were medical items. So we essentially took out anything that wasn’t medical for our concepts from there.”

“Putting your product in front of someone you believe would use it and telling them, “Do your best to figure out what I just did,” is one of the most productive things you can do. Just have fun with it.” You’ll be able to experience firsthand how someone interacts with your goods as a result of this.”

“A widespread assumption on the internet is that if you’re an entrepreneur, you have to be the kind of person who destroys relationships just to get this one thing off the ground, but this is not true. Most individuals don’t operate that way; only a tiny fraction of people are willing to destroy bridges in the process.”

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