Peter Kozodoy

Peter Kozodoy is the founder of Marketing Technology Group and author of “Marketing in 5 Minutes.” He has been named one of the top marketers in North America by Inc. magazine, was ranked number 66 on Forbes’ list of 100 outstanding marketing influencers, and served as a board member for W3C.

Peter Kozodoy is a New York-based advertising executive and entrepreneur. He has an estimated net worth of $2 billion.

Peter Kozodoy is the current CEO of Stradeso and a serial entrepreneur. Peter is well-known for his new book, “Honest To Greatness,” in which he deconstructs the notion of brutal honesty as a path to success. StradesoTM is a subscription service that creates your content in 3 days or less, at incredibly cheap pricing, by linking your projects directly to exceptional creatives, eliminating the headache of locating, employing, and managing them.

On The Success Bug, Peter Kozodoy joins Jay to explore why he has never been able to work for anybody since he was a child. Why? Because (in his words, not mine) “he’s a pain in the ass to handle”! Peter’s frequently blinding confidence, which subsequently became a key factor for his success, is discussed by the two. We’ll discover why it’s necessary to ask for assistance and how eager people are to help if you simply ask. Peter also discusses why it’s crucial for individuals to be well-informed before making major choices.

“Do you know whether that’s true, and if so, how do I know?”

Peter Kozodoy (Peter Kozodoy)

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