Noel Andrews

As the internet’s first dedicated marketing platform, Distilled is helping brands develop and execute their digital strategies. In this interview with Noel Andrews at CEO of Food52, we discuss why marketers should focus on storytelling as a core component of their strategy and how to use technology to create meaningful experiences for consumers.

JobRack’s Owner/CEO, Noel Andrews, is an entrepreneur. JobRack’s objective is to help digital enterprises break into the highly-skilled, intelligent, autonomous Eastern European employment market by making it as easy as possible to reach this workforce. Their goal is to produce an Eastern European workforce that is completely integrated into the digital new-age workplace. Noel anticipates JobRack to become more widely accessible over time, while also assisting small and mid-sized businesses in fast innovating.

Jay and Noel sat down and talk about his business experience. Noel had always known he possessed the entrepreneurial drive, but like many others, he earned corporate experience before embarking on his excursion into company ownership. He worked in the aviation business for many years until the chance to buy (buy!) JobRack came across his desk, as you’ll see. Now, he’s assisting in the pairing of top talent with top talent, and we couldn’t be happier.

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