Marcus Cook

Marcus Cook
Marcus Cook

Marcus Cook, the founder of marketing agency ‘Zulu Republic’, has had more than 10 years experience in digital and social media. His company was originally named I Am Rich but changed its name to Zulu Republic after he found out “no one could pronounce it.” He is a 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree for his work on blockchain technology.

Marcus Cook is a social media and digital marketing consultant. He has worked with brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and The Home Depot.

Marcus Cook is the Co-Founder of The Success Bug and a serial entrepreneur. The Success Bug is a blog and podcast devoted to researching successful entrepreneurs, entertainers, and self-made billionaires, as you (hopefully) know. As of April 2021, The Success Bug’s website material reaches approximately 70,000 individuals per month.

Marcus and I sat down to talk about how The Success Bug came to be. We discuss our initial company model, as well as the several pivots we’ve made along the road, as well as our successes and disappointments so far. We talk about what it’s like to start a blog, the hatred you’ll get, and the impostor syndrome that so many of us experience when we start anything new.

But here we are, with 70,000 monthly readers and counting, and we’re still expanding. Trust us when we swear we won’t stop until we’ve achieved our ultimate goal: to motivate you all to break free from the 9-5, one episode at a time. Marcus Cook, please enjoy!

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