Kyrsten Brannon

Kyrsten Brannon is a marketing professional who has worked for top brands such as Toyota, Disney and more. She recently founded her own company called Ivy Ridge Marketing

Kyrsten Brannon is a serial entrepreneur and the creator of Kae Kosmetics, a cosmetics line aimed at empowering women via their appearance. The necessity of brow shape was the emphasis of her debut collection. Kyrsten soon extended her business to include all facets of the beauty industry, from brows to eye shadow. 

Kyrsten gets down with Jay to discuss about her early years as a hustler. In fact, it catapulted her into a career as an entrepreneur. Kyrsten always found a way to generate money, whether she was in Wisconsin or Houston, Texas. Kyrsten understood she had something to give, whether it was via affiliate marketing or selling her cosmetics.

Now? Kae Kosmetics is filling a hole in the cosmetics market with her interests. Kyrsten is proud of her company’s goods because they don’t clog pores, aren’t toxic to the skin, and, most importantly, aren’t hurtful to animals. Please appreciate Kyrsten Brannon’s performance!

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