Julian Jung

Julian Jung is a consultant and advisor in the blockchain space, working with both startups and established companies. He describes himself as an accidental entrepreneur who stumbled into the industry after his father invested in Bitcoin.

Julian Jung is an American businessperson who founded the fashion company, Julian Jung. He has a net worth of $1.5 billion.

Julian Jung is the current Managing Director of Republic Labs and an entrepreneur. Republic Labs is Republic’s venture capital arm, which invests in early-stage and late-stage technology and consumer firms. Carta, EquipmentShare, Relativity Space, Robinhood, Space X, and a number of other companies have received funding from Republic Labs. The firm works with high-net-worth individuals and family offices to sponsor venture and private equity investment projects. Republic Labs presently manages approximately $335 million in limited partnership funds.

Julian Jung joins The Success Bug to discuss how he transitioned from being an introvert to pushing himself in difficult situations as a youngster. His first employment was going door-to-door offering Foot Spa Massages. It was a true baptism by fire. Despite the discomfort, he developed the skills needed to be successful in sales and discovered his true calling: connecting wonderful people with incredible possibilities.

So, how did Julian put his experiences together and end up as Republic Labs’ Managing Director? You already know what you should do. Watch the most recent episode of The Success Bug online.

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