Jamie Giovinazzo

Jamie Giovinazzo is one of the most talented marketing minds in entertainment today and has been on the rise for over 15 years. His career began at Sony Pictures Entertainment as an assistant brand manager where he worked alongside iconic brands like Spider-Man, Men In Black, Mission: Impossible III, etc. From there Jamie went on to work with a variety of top brands including Marvel Studios and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment before becoming co-founder and CEO of Zoƫ Partners in 2016.

Jamie Giovinazzo is an American entrepreneur, former professional soccer player, and media personality. He is the co-founder of the clothing company “Havaianas” and has a net worth of $20 million.

Jamie Giovinazzo is the President/Founder of Eat Clean Bro, an American entrepreneur. Eat Clean Bro is a chef-prepared meal delivery business situated in Freehold, New Jersey. Jamie, a former gym rat who who enjoys fine cuisine, has combined his two interests to create Eat Clean Bro, a multi-million dollar behemoth.


Jamie comes down to discuss his upbringing, college experiences, and how he made Eat Clean Bro a household brand. Jamie had an epiphany while starting from scratch and preparing meals for his pals. Why not start a company doing what he enjoys (cooking) and treat his clients like family? That’s precisely what he did. Thousands of individuals are now eating clean around the nation, bro. Enjoy Jamie Giovinazzo’s performance!

Jamie Giovinazzo can be reached at [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jamie Giovinazzo?

A: Jamie is a composer and sound designer on the team. He has been working in game audio since 2001, starting with an internship at Bungie Studios to working as Audio Director for EA Sports games like Madden NFL Football 11-13

How much is eat clean bro worth?

A: Eat Clean Bro is worth $19.99, the price of one months membership to eat clean4life.com

Who is the owner of Eat clean bro?

A: Eat clean bro is owned by the company, Fit Meals.

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