Jacob Shoihet

Jacob Shoihet
Jacob Shoihet

Jacob Shoihet is an entrepreneurial young marketing executive who has built and led multi-million dollar marketing campaigns for the likes of Wells Fargo, Nike, Microsoft Office 365 and Starbucks. As a rising star in his field, Jacob’s clients are clamoring to get on board with his social media strategy which focuses primarily on influencer engagement.

Jacob Shoihet is a financial advisor who has been in the industry for over 10 years. He has helped many people with their finances and has also created a podcast that discusses how to make money.

Jacob Shoihet is a musician, entrepreneur, and Marco Financial’s Co-Founder/CEO. In December of this year, he co-founded Marco. Small and medium-sized firms in Latin America may have difficulty obtaining the capital they need to begin exporting to the United States. Marco is addressing this issue by developing new risk modeling and management tools that will help him make more informed judgments about who should get loans. He formerly worked at Spot.IM as the Head of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development. Prior to it, he worked at GumGum, Taboola, and Groupon, among other places.

Jake visits The Success Bug to discuss his life prior to starting a company. He studied Classical Music in Performance with a trumpet specialization at The University of Toronto, where he grew up with a passion for music. He spent several years in New York pursuing his passion of being a musician before reassessing his objectives. He pursued the life of a company owner after opting to take a sabbatical… That seemed to have worked out rather nicely. Take pleasure in Jake Shoihet!

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