Jack Kuveke

Jack Kuveke
Jack Kuveke

Jack Kuveke is the founder of PPT, a marketing agency with an expertise in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Jack has been at the forefront of some major projects in this space such as:

Jack Kuveke is an entrepreneur and investor from the United States. He is forever reinventing video calls as the Co-Founder and COO of Huddle. Huddle’s influencers may communicate with their followers in a more intimate way than a conventional platform by utilizing small group video conversations to develop community. Jack was also the previous CCO of GameCredits, a cryptocurrency that established a record for the largest ICO (Initial Coin Offering) ever at one time. Not only that, but he’s a wonderful person.

“Right now, group video is sort of lame. Zoom is a little too much like effort, and Instagram Live isn’t really participatory. We started with the question, ‘Why are your possibilities for live communication with your audience so limited?’ ‘How can we make video more enjoyable and engaging without having to resort to live streaming, which is too one-dimensional?’ is the premise.

-Jack Kuveke, Huddle Co-Founder

On The Success Bug, Jack joins Jay to talk about his crazy road to become an entrepreneur. At the age of eighteen, he moved all the way to Serbia to work full-time for GameCredits, and he fell deep down the cryptocurrency “rabbit hole.” Jack also discusses his first foray into entrepreneurship, which was running Minecraft servers when he was younger.

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