How To Use Pinterest to Market Your Business

Pinterest is a social media platform that has become increasingly popular in recent years. With it’s easy to use interface, Pinterest allows users to share their favorite recipes and DIY projects with thousands of people all over the world. However, using this popular social media website does not come without its challenges such as balancing creativity while maintaining an eye-catching profile and capturing analytics on what your audience wants more of. This article will help you learn how to successfully market yourself or your business through Pinterest!

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to share images, videos, and text. It has been said that Pinterest can be used for marketing purposes. This article will show you how to use Pinterest for your business.

Using social media and other online channels to market your company is a critical step in establishing a following and attaining success. It’s unheard of for a company to not have a social media presence; but, which platform should you utilize to drive traffic? Make use of Pinterest.

While having a presence on prominent social media networks like Facebook and Instagram is vital, development on such channels may be gradual. Focus on Pinterest if you want to expand your business’s following and generate visitors quickly. 

Why Should I Use Pinterest for Business?

Pinterest is a photo-sharing and social networking website that enables users to find information on any subject they’re interested in. Users may discover anything they’re searching for, whether it’s DIY crafts, business techniques, or writing advice.

Despite its reputation as a social networking platform, Pinterest also functions as a search engine. When a user searches for anything, they will see a picture that is linked to that issue. When people click that picture, they are sent to a site that is not part of the Pinterest network. Because each pin will link to a myriad of other sources, Pinterest is effectively an amalgamation of numerous sites. 

So, why should you utilize Pinterest as part of your marketing plan for your company? 

You may get a lot of traffic to your website in a short amount of time, which expands your audience and allows you to grow your company and profit. Using Pinterest for Business may seem intimidating at first, but here’s a step-by-step approach to using Pinterest to advertise your company. 


What Are the Best Ways to Use Pinterest for Business? 

There are numerous ways to utilize Pinterest for business, but we’ve compiled a list of the top 13.

1. Make a Pinterest account for your business. 

Creating a Pinterest company account is the first step in implementing Pinterest marketing strategies. When users join up and create an account, they have two options: personal or business. 

Some people choose to create a personal account because they’re only looking for information and want to utilize it for personal, recreational purposes. On the other side, you’re utilizing Pinterest to promote your company and build a following. You’ll need a business account to do so. 

With a business account, you’ll have access to a variety of tools for promoting your content. You also show the Pinterest algorithm that you’re serious about utilizing Pinterest to sell your brand, and your Pins will be optimized as a consequence. You may learn more about the advantages of a business account here, but the simple line is that you should open one. 

Signing up for a business account is free (with the opportunity to upgrade specific services later), and you may convert an existing personal account to a business account.  

2. Make a few boards in your niche. 

Your Pinterest account will be made up of “boards” that are made up of different “Pins.” Pins are the pictures that appear when you search for anything, and if a user likes or wants to keep that piece of information, they will pin it to the appropriate board. 

Consider it the digital equivalent of pinning anything you like on a corkboard, but with multiple categories for the pins to be put.

For example, if you run a restaurant and use Pinterest to promote your business, you may make boards for dinner ideas, lunch recipes, baking techniques, and so on. You’d pin the greatest cupcake recipe in the world to your baking tricks board, not your dinner ideas board, if you stumbled upon it. 

When using Pinterest to promote your company, make sure you have a variety of boards in your field. You want to build boards pertaining to your area of interest, whether you’re a new apparel business or attempting to start a blog. 

Not only are boards that relate to your specialty vital to have on your profile, but they also inform users precisely what your company is about. 

Begin by creating 20 boards that are relevant to your specialty. It may seem difficult to have so many boards, but consider all of the subjects that might be relevant to you (you can even get ideas from similar accounts in your area!) 

Start pinning information to your specialized boards after you’ve created them. 

3. Use Pinterest to verify your website.

Verify your website on Pinterest to show consumers that you’re legitimate and trustworthy. Verifying your site establishes you as a trustworthy source, which is important for increasing site traffic since no one wants to visit a site that hasn’t been authorized. 

You have room in your profile to provide a link to your website (which you should do), but go one step further and get your website validated. 

Verifying your site is simple, and the verified emblem will display next to your site’s URL in approximately a day or two. 

Instructions on how to authenticate your website may be found at this page. 

4. When pinning content, use the 60:40 rule. 

When it comes to pinning information to your boards, 60% of it should be yours and 40% should be from others. You should store more than just your own material. Save pins published by other users that are relevant to your expertise. Click here for a more detailed explanation of why you should pin other people’s material. 

The majority of your pins will be generated by others when you first start. You may start implementing this guideline after you’ve grown and created your own Pins.  

5. Frequently Pin

When you’re an active user who pins regularly, the Pinterest algorithm appreciates it. People are more likely to engage with your material if you pin often. 

Try to save 30-40 Pins every day when you initially start. It may seem to be a large task, but it is really rather simple, if time-consuming. 

Pin in the morning, lunch, supper, and anytime you have a spare moment. You can even use the Pinterest app on your phone to accomplish it. 

6. Use Scheduling Apps with Pins 

You may utilize pin scheduling tools if you don’t have time to manually pin information. Tailwind is the most popular pin scheduling software, allowing you to plan pins to publish throughout the day and join Tailwind Tribes to help promote content. 

Start by manually pinning material when you first start. Although Tailwind is a premium service, it is not essential to expand your following and succeed. If you have a hectic schedule and don’t have time to manually pin, Tailwind is an excellent option. 

If you do decide to utilize a pin scheduling service, make an effort to pin some information manually every now and again. When visitors actively pin material, the Pinterest algorithm loves it, which will only benefit you in the end. 


7. Make visually appealing pins 

You must design aesthetically attractive images that correspond with your content while building your own Pins. 

Pinterest is a visually-oriented site, and users depend on Pins’ aesthetic and design to draw in new followers. Only photos appear when you search for anything, and those images include connections to a website. 

No one will click on a pin if it does not seem to be intriguing. Even if you connect that pin to the finest information in the world, no one will interact with it if it doesn’t look beautiful. 

When making Pins, try utilizing Canva or Adobe tools. Canva includes a number of built-in and free alternatives for quickly generating Pins. 

8. Make a few different versions of your pins 

You shouldn’t limit yourself to just one pin each piece of material. To maximize and build your audience, you should create several Pins that connect to the same piece of content. 

Multiple Pins are advantageous since they enable you to discover which design aspects perform best for drawing an audience and provide you with additional opportunities to promote content. 

When making new Pins, experiment with different color schemes, phrasing, and general appearance. 

9. Make use of Pinterest SEO. 

Despite being categorized as a social networking site, Pinterest is a superior search engine. When considering this, search engine optimization strategies should be used. For the greatest SEO tips, read our guide or get our free e-book! 

Implementing keywords in your content is a good SEO tactic. Not only in your pin descriptions, but also in your pin titles, board titles, board descriptions, profile description, and profile name, you should include keywords relating to your specialty. You’ll be able to rank better on Pinterest this way. 

You can search for keywords directly in the Pinterest search box on the site itself to discover what themes people are looking for the most, and use that information to determine what phrases work best when making a particular pin. 


10. Pay attention to what others are doing in your field.

You should follow people in your field and look at their profiles to see what strategies they use and what works best for them. Following them will provide you with inspiration and information into how to effectively manage your Pinterest account. 

If you interact with their material, they may reciprocate by engaging with yours. Pinning other people’s stuff is equally as crucial as pinning your own, as we said previously. 

11. Participate on Niche Group Boards

Joining group boards is a fantastic method to promote your own Pins while also interacting with other people in your specialty. Group boards are centered on a single subject and have several contributors who pin information to it. 

Most group boards include rules that require you to re-pin other people’s work for every piece of content you Pin. This is advantageous since you are interacting with people, and they are sharing your information with their networks, so increasing your audience. 

You may search for group boards directly on Pinterest, or use Pin Groupie to find them. 

12. Recognize that the number of followers you have has no bearing on your success. 

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have on Pinterest since it’s mostly a search engine. Outside of your following, you’ll still be able to reach a large audience.

Instead of looking at their Following Feed, many users just glance at their Smart Feed, which is curated by the Pinterest algorithm to match the interests of what you’re searching and pinning. The Smart Feed also alerts users to fresh material. 

It’s all too easy to get caught up in how many social media followers you have. On many other social media sites, your success is largely determined by the number of people that follow you. The beautiful thing about Pinterest is that the quantity of followers you have has no bearing on your success. 

The amount of monthly views is what you should be concerned about. When people click on your profile, they will see this number. All of the individuals who have watched or interacted with the Pins you’ve saved or made are included in your monthly viewers. Some accounts have very few followers yet have millions of monthly views. 


13. Persevere

It may seem that using Pinterest for business is tiresome and time-consuming. However, if you put in the effort, you will be rewarded in the greatest possible manner. Although it may not seem so at first, Pinterest is growing at a far quicker rate than any other social networking site. If you stick to it and use these strategies, your monthly viewership will skyrocket, bringing more visitors to your website and contributing to your company’s success. When it comes to utilizing Pinterest for business, the greatest advise is to just stay at it. 


You’re definitely looking for strategies to advertise your company and develop your audience quickly if you’re a young entrepreneur, small business owner, or aspiring blogger. To do so, you’ll need to be active on social media, with Pinterest being the greatest site to employ. Pinterest helps you to reach a large audience, grow your following, and, in the end, make your business goals a reality. It may seem difficult at first, but following this step-by-step instruction on how to utilize Pinterest for business can help you succeed.

Pinterest is a great way to market your business. It’s also a great place to find ideas for new products or services. Here are some tips on how to use Pinterest to market your business. Reference: pinterest business ideas.

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