How To Stop Your Facebook Ads From Getting Rejected

Rejected ads are a big issue for marketers, and having the ones you want seen is crucial. Online advertising platforms like Facebook make it difficult to determine which ads work best (and which don’t) because at any given time they’re operating with an algorithm that’s constantly changing. There’s no way to know where your audience will be in the future or what they’ll even care about anymore.

Facebook has a lot of strict rules when it comes to ads. If your ad is rejected, there are many reasons why. This article will tell you what those reasons are and how to fix them.

My blood pressure was really high. For the hundredth time, I received the identical notice. “This ad is in violation of our Advertising Policies.” You may either modify the ad(s) or seek another review via Account Quality.” I simply walked away from my job as a company manager.

I couldn’t find out what the problem was after hours of attempting to alter my advertising. Is it because you’re a creative person? What about the copy? What about the title? Is it possible that the description is to blame… I had no idea what was producing this mistake; all I knew was that 66 percent of my Facebook advertising failed to meet quality criteria.

Some sectors are now more likely than others to raise concerns about Facebook policy. For example, my former supplement firm, Excellent Cognition, which dealt with the health and wellness industry, had more problems than a local masonry service.  

However, regardless of your profession, the most annoying part is that Facebook simply states, “Our Advertising Policies give advice on what forms of ad material are authorized.” Each ad is checked against these criteria when advertisers submit an order.” Then they have you go through the hundreds of various policies they have and guess which one you’re breaking.

Now, for the last week, I’ve been attempting to find out what causes an advertisement to be rejected. I won’t be able to cover everything that leads to a rejected ad in this piece, but I will highlight some of the most common causes.

Anything might happen when your Facebook advertisements reach the “in review” stage. The algorithm isn’t without flaws. Good advertising are sometimes rejected, while terrible ones are accepted. Of course, Facebook has the authority to refuse or accept an ad for a variety of reasons. However, there are certain suggestions that we may use to be on Facebook’s good side.

What Is Facebook’s Prohibition List?

There is a long list of “prohibited material” on Facebook. Adult Products (imagine that), Weapons, Ammunition, or Explosives, Unsafe Supplements (like steroids), Dating Apps (sorry, Hinge), and Discriminatory Practices are just a few of the more apparent ones (prohibiting people based on color, employment, and credit). While some of these are self-evident, there are others that you should be aware of. Circumventing Systems was one that I kept coming across.

Rejected Facebook Ads: Getting Around the System

This implies that no methods should be used in Facebook advertising to get around the ad approval process. You’ll get this message for one of two reasons.

  1. If you establish a new advertising account to run the same advertisements that were previously prohibited,
  2. If you intentionally employ Unicode letters or symbols in ad content to deceive consumers. 

Some persons have been successful in setting up a new advertising account and successfully submitting an ad that has previously been prohibited. Even if Facebook doesn’t discover it right away, they’re constantly monitoring their ad platform, and it’ll only be a matter of time until they do.

Also, if your text contains any emojis, consider removing them and resubmitting it. Emojis will be allowed on Facebook, but the algorithm will have a hard time interpreting them. So, if you’re listing a series of advantages and using a checkmark emoji before each one, the computer can see it as a way to get around the system and reject the ad. Smiley smiles, rocket ships, money bags, and other apparently innocuous emojis are no exception. Third-Party Infringement is another prevalent one.

Rejected Facebook Ads: Infringement by a Third-Party

Facebook verifies that your Facebook advertising do not infringe on any copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other intellectual or personal rights.

Facebook will alert you if you share a picture of your free e-book next to a copy of Gary Vaynerchuk’s book. Even if the link does go back to your landing page, Facebook will reject the ad if it contains a book that isn’t yours and for which you don’t have permission to use their picture. Because I kept my supplement next to a number of personal development and attitude books, I had this problem with my supplement business.

However, you may desire to compare your product to another on occasion. Just make sure your marketing is for a generic product. You’ll note that corporations like Verizon will refer to themselves as “the top phone provider,” rather than “better than Sprint.”

This is because it is advisable to avoid mentioning the names of other companies. Also, you don’t want to provide free publicity to another product in your ad, do you?

Use Caution When Writing

Facebook advertising are very effective and segmented. You can target highly specific people… but Facebook doesn’t want its users to know that. First and foremost, Facebook is concerned about the user experience. Facebook is very concerned with the user experience because they understand that the better the user experience, the longer the user will remain on the site and the more likely they will return. The longer a person remains on the site, the more adverts Facebook can post in front of them, resulting in more revenue for the company.

As a result, Facebook favors advertising that resemble natural photos. Users didn’t sign up for Facebook to be bombarded with advertisements. Creating an ad that doesn’t appear like an ad is one of the greatest ways to ensure that your Facebook advertisements don’t get rejected. Facebook is a social media website where users may interact with their friends and family. As a result, a photo of a happy person or a selfie will generally outperform a picture of a product with writing on it, since that’s not what people interact with.

Concerns about Facebook’s privacy

Facebook, as you may be aware, does not have the finest reputation. They’ve had a number of data breaches over the years, which have resulted in them being sued for misusing users’ personal data. Because Facebook is attempting to be proactive and does not want its users to be concerned about their privacy, they have been more stringent in rejecting Facebook advertising that are too targeted.

For example, saying “Meet Black People” is fine, while saying “Meet Other Black People” is not. This demonstrates that you are aware of the user’s race. “Check out our financial services,” is OK, but you can’t state, “Are you broke?” Bankrupt? Check this out,” implying that you are aware of the user’s financial situation. It’s important to know that if you utilize the phrases “you,” “other,” or “particular names of individuals,” your adverts will be scrutinized more closely. At all costs, try to stay away from them.

Make No Promises That You Can’t Keep

Facebook’s second guiding philosophy is that they don’t want its users to be duped or misled. If you state anything like “Just $40” or “Buy Now for 70% Off” in your ad, Facebook will double-check to make sure it’s true. Facebook examines not just the ad itself, but also the landing page to which the traffic is directed. As a result, it’s important to make sure the landing page matches the ad.

In addition, the picture you choose in your photo must be appropriate for the goods you’re offering. You can’t use a Ray-Ban picture in an Ali Express ad if you’re selling a pair of glasses. If you’re offering an affiliate marketing course, don’t advertise it with a headline like “How to Become a Millionaire in 30 Days.” You could say “How I became…” or “How my clients became…”

The same message is sent, but you are not guaranteeing the user the same outcomes that you or your clientele have experienced. Read 4 Methods To Use Facebook Ads To Find High-Performing Audiences for additional information on the best ways to target consumers on Facebook.

Important Points to Remember

Even if we hate having our advertisements rejected, Facebook is keeping an eye on us. It is now in their best interest to improve the user experience, but it is also in their best interest to improve the experience of advertising. Advertisers will quit and move to a new platform if their advertisements don’t convert properly.

So, after reading this, you may believe that there are a million and one methods to get your Facebook ad rejected, but this isn’t the case. It’s also not the end of the world if your ad is rejected. Your account will not be deactivated, and you will not be penalized.

Taking away a portion or rephrasing a sentence may often be the difference between a successful ad and one that is rejected. So go ahead and alter everything from your picture to the header to the article and resubmit it till you locate the problem. You’ve got it!

The “how to fix a rejected ad on facebook” is a problem that many Facebook users have experienced. This article will provide you with information on how to stop your Facebook ads from getting rejected.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix rejected ads on Facebook?

A: Ads that are rejected by Facebook can still be seen in the browser, though they will no longer be visible to others. To view them again, you need to visit your ad settings and click Yes next to the disapproved ads.

Why do Facebook ads get rejected?

A: Facebook has a strict ad policy that requires the ads to be relevant and not misleading.

Why do my Facebook ads keep getting rejected 2022?

A: Facebook has a strict no-sellers policy, meaning that if you are advertising something for sale on their platform, they will reject your ad. This is because of the rules set by FBA – Facebooks automated system which monitors and penalizes sites who use unsavory tactics to get more customers.

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