How To Start Dropshipping On eBay in 2022 [A Step By Step Guide]

In this day and age, the internet has opened up a new way for people to start small businesses through e-commerce platforms. It’s now possible for any individual or business to buy low, sell high without having to have a lot of startup costs! However, if you’re looking at starting an E-Commerce website from scratch in 2022 then keep reading as I’m going give you some steps and best practices that will help get you on your feet quickly.

The “how to dropship on ebay from aliexpress” is a step-by-step guide for how to start selling your own products on eBay. The article includes information about the best practices and tools that will help you get started.

If you’ve been considering establishing a company lately, you’ve probably heard of the dropshipping business concept. When a merchant uses dropshipping, he or she does not own any of the goods. Instead, when someone orders anything from you, you buy it from the manufacturer and then enter the buyer’s shipping details. As a result, you have a risk-free company strategy with no inventory costs.

Dropshipping, on the other hand, comes with its own set of expenses. When discussing the advantages of dropshipping, these fees are sometimes overlooked. Most individuals, for example, utilize Shopify when starting a dropshipping business. Shopify is a fantastic platform since it enables you to quickly modify your online business. The problem with starting a Shopify shop is that you have no traffic at first.

In and of itself, a Shopify shop receives no traffic. You, as the business owner, are responsible for generating your own traffic. Ads on Facebook and Google are the most conventional ways to build your own traffic. This is the point at when your costs will start to add up.

On Shopify, some dropshippers have mastered dropshipping and are seeing a great return on ad expenditure (also known as ROAS). A positive ROAS indicates that for every $1 spent on advertising, you earn at least one dollar and one penny. You may keep reinvesting in your adverts as long as you generate more money than you spend on promoting.

Unfortunately, most dropshippers have yet to find out how to generate a decent return on investment. It’s not unusual to read about dropshippers that spend a dollar on advertising and only make fifty cents from their business. As a result, a lot of money is lost, and some claim that dropshipping doesn’t work.

Is it possible to start a dropshipping company for nothing? That is, you will not have to spend any money on inventory and will not have to spend any money on advertising. Yes! With eBay, you can start a dropshipping company for free.

Is It Worth It To Dropship On eBay?

Dropshipping has sparked a lot of debate on eBay over the years. Some users may criticize eBay’s dropshipping business, saying things like: 

  • Your supply chain is completely out of your control.
  • There is minimal to no customization available.
  • You won’t be able to retarget your consumers.

While all of these are true, eBay’s benefits outweigh its drawbacks.

Yes, most individuals would prefer to have a successful Shopify or eBay dropshipping company than a successful eBay dropshipping business. If your dropshipping business fails, though, you’d prefer it collapse on eBay than on Shopify. That’s because you’ll never have to worry about having a favorable return on investment on eBay. eBay’s user base is believed to be about 182 million people!

How-To-Start-Dropshipping-On-eBay-in-2022-A-StepOberlo is the source.

When beginning a new firm, your first objective should be to minimize the chance of failure. We all want to run a great company, yet many individuals fail in their first few efforts. That’s why getting started with dropshipping on eBay is the best way to proceed.

Is it possible to dropship on eBay with no money?

Dropshipping on eBay for It is entirely possible to Dropship on eBay with $0. That’s right, no money. Starting August 1st, 2020 eBay is allowing sellers to list up to 200 items per month for free! Before they had it capped at 50 listings. Any item that you list over that 200 will only cost you $0.35 to list..01 is absolutely achievable. That’s correct, there’s no cash. Beginning August 1, 2020, eBay will enable merchants to list up to 200 products for free every month! It was formerly limited to 50 listings. Any item you list that isn’t in the top 200 will only cost It is entirely possible to Dropship on eBay with $0. That’s right, no money. Starting August 1st, 2020 eBay is allowing sellers to list up to 200 items per month for free! Before they had it capped at 50 listings. Any item that you list over that 200 will only cost you $0.35 to list..35 to list.

You won’t have to pay anything after you’ve listed that item. It will remain on the market until it is sold. That means you won’t have to worry about paying a monthly charge. Unlike Shopify, which has a monthly subscription for using its platform.

“Well, I do need some money to pay for the thing, right?” you could think. That is correct. You must keep in mind, though, that you only pay for an item once someone has purchased it from you. As a result, you’re only paying for it after you’ve been paid. This enables you to maintain a positive cash flow in your firm and spend costs only after you have been paid initially.

Suppliers that dropship on eBay

It’s time to choose the perfect provider now that you know what dropshipping is and how it works on eBay. Before you even figure out what things you want to offer on eBay, you need to identify the suitable source. When they first start out on eBay, many dropshippers make the mistake of trying to deal with a large number of suppliers at once.

This is problematic since it’s difficult to maintain track of which providers have which inventory items when you engage with various vendors. We suggest that you test out no more than three different vendors. Discover which vendors account for the bulk of your income after a few months of sales. Typically, one supplier receives the lion’s share of your revenue. 

Once you’ve decided to stick with one provider, you’ll be able to take advantage of things like reward points, supplier-specific credit cards, and other perks that will help you save money. You may start undercutting your competition and increase your sales even more after you’ve found all of the coupons and other discounts you can utilize for your provider. The following is a list of eBay’s most popular suppliers.

Aliexpress dropshipping on eBay

AliExpress is a Chinese-based internet store noted for its low-cost merchandise. It’s not unusual to find a product on AliExpress that costs a fraction of what it would in the United States. These costs are so cheap because AliExpress allows you to purchase directly from producers rather than through merchants. On Aliexpress, they only provide generic versions of products. Wireless headphones will be available, but not Apple wireless headphones. Purchasing generic items at a great discount, on the other hand, allows you to sell them for a large profit.

People’s biggest complaint about dealing with AliExpress is the lengthy shipment periods. It’s not unusual for products to take two months to arrive. They also have a lengthy processing period, with eBay requiring that all things be handled within three days after a purchase order’s completion. Check out this video on how to dropship on Ebay from AliExpress if you want to utilize AliExpress as your preferred supplier.

Dropshipping from Walmart to eBay

Walmart is another popular provider since you can get practically everything from them. Walmart provides everything you need, whether it’s a bike, a tent, or a bag. Although the costs are often more than those on AliExpress, the shipping and handling are much more trustworthy. It’s not unusual to get items from Walmart within two days after placing an order.

A large number of eBay purchasers will post reviews of you on your account. That is why it is beneficial to partner with a reputable vendor such as Walmart, who you can trust to complete your orders and deliver them to your clients on time.

Dropshipping from Amazon to eBay

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce store, and with good reason. With guaranteed 2-day delivery, the behemoth can sell everything under the sun. It’s no surprise that many dropshippers on eBay select it as a provider.

The problems you’ll encounter here are identical to those you’ll encounter at Walmart. Although the things on Amazon are reasonably priced, they are not as inexpensive as those on AliExpress. It is also a well-known provider, which means that if you choose to employ them, you may encounter a lot of competition. When numerous individuals utilize the same supplier to offer the same product, they can only compete on price. A pricing war is a certain method for all parties concerned to lose money.

Dropshipping from Home Depot on eBay

The biggest home improvement store in the United States is Home Depot. They sell anything from home stuff to building materials to painting supplies. Home Depot is a one-of-a-kind retailer since it exclusively sells things that fit into a certain category. Amazon, Walmart, and AliExpress, for example, provide a variety of product categories from which to choose. On the other side, you can only buy home renovation products from Home Depot.

Even though this limits the types of products in which you can sell it also limits the amount of competition you will face. We personally recommend using Niche suppliers like Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Best Buy as you will face much less competition then you would if you use a supplier like Amazon. Again try a handful of suppliers and see which ones work best for you. Once you find out what supplier works best for you, just use that one and get rid of the rest.

Locating Unknown Dropshipping Vendors

You won’t simply go specialized if you want to succeed at dropshipping on eBay; you’ll also deal with unknown suppliers. Let’s imagine you want to offer home improvement items but want to work with suppliers that other dropshippers aren’t aware of. Search for “screwdriver set” on Google. Go straight to the third page of Google from there.

Companies that appear on Google’s third page are generally significantly smaller than those that appear on the first page and can’t afford to spend a lot of money on advertising. They’ll be eager for your business, so you’ll be able to negotiate better terms with them.

On the first page of Google results for “screwdriver set,” you’ll see retailers such as Home Depot, Amazon, and Lowes. Despite the fact that Home Depot and Lowes are specialized retailers, they are multibillion-dollar corporations. Negotiating a contract with them would be very difficult.

Begin on the third page by making a list of providers who offer the product you want. Then examine which ones sell your goods for less than the main merchants or which ones provide a contact form where you may enquire about their offers.

How to Locate Items to Sell on eBay

It’s time to locate the things that will sell now that we’ve identified your possible supplier(s). For many dropshippers on eBay, this might be intimidating since there seems to be an infinite number of things to sell. So, how can you identify the best-selling products?

The simplest method to accomplish this is to look for other eBay sellers that use the same supplier as you. Let’s imagine you’ve decided on Lowe’s as your favorite vendor. To learn how we would identify additional dropshippers who utilize our supplier, watch our 5-minute video below.


As you can see in our video, once you find one dropshipper who uses your supplier, you can find dozens of items to sell. The best thing about these items is we know they’re already selling on eBay. This allows us to take all the guesswork out of finding the best items. If you want to dive deeper into the  possibility of dropshipping on eBay we highly recommend you watch the videos of Success With Sully. Sully is a 21-year-old entrepreneur who dropped out of college to pursue e-commerce full-time. His YouTube channel covers everything from dropshipping on eBay to Amazon FBA. Check out his video How to Dropship on eBay CORRECTLY & Profitably WITHOUT Software to learn more about this topic.

Sellers’ eBay Software

After you’ve started generating money on eBay, you may start looking into tools that can assist you increase your profits. Zik Analytics is the program we suggest for improving your eBay SEO and finding popular things to sell. Zik Analytics makes it easier to figure out what sells and what doesn’t on eBay, as well as which titles sell the best for certain items.

Again, you should only consider purchasing software after you have begun to make money. Many individuals believe that purchasing software will help them expand their company. Despite the fact that it is beneficial, companies are formed with one objective in mind: to earn money. When you first start your company, one of your expenditures will be a monthly software charge, which will make it much more difficult to produce money. 

If you can’t find out how to earn money on your own without using any software, you should abandon your plans to establish a company. This will only work if you put in the necessary time and effort. The high-tech software may be put off for a while.

Important Points to Remember

In 2022, there has never been a better moment to begin dropshipping on eBay. Dropshipping on eBay is one of the finest methods to start a side hustle since there are no upfront costs and no financial risk. You may post up to 200 things every month for free, and you won’t have to bother about advertising since eBay already has 167 million consumers waiting to purchase. In 2022, eBay, in our view, is the greatest place for novices to start dropshipping.

Dropshipping on eBay is a popular way to start an eCommerce business. In this article, I will show you how to start dropshipping on eBay in 2022. Reference: ebay dropshipping policy.

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