How Is The Net Worth of Rihanna $1.7 Billion?

As of April 2018, the net worth of Rihanna is $1.7 billion which makes her one of the wealthiest celebrities in Hollywood and a member of Forbes World’s 100 Most Powerful Women list.,

The “net worth of beyonce” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to the question, is Rihanna’s net worth is $1.7 billion.

Have you ever wondered how much money Rihanna has? The fate of the female rap musician, on the other hand, may surprise you. Rihanna has built a commercial empire in addition to her great A Career in Music, thanks to her investments and ownership of the LVMH brand Fenty. Rihanna has a net worth of $1.7 billion, thanks to millions of sold albums and successful commercial ventures. We’ll explain how the Barbados native earned her riches in this piece!

Early Years

Rihanna was born Robyn Rihanna Fenty in Saint Michael, Barbados, on February 20, 1988. Barbados is a tiny Caribbean island republic and a British State commonwealth. Her mother is a descendent of the slave trade between Guyana and West Africa, while her father is an Irish-born Barbadian native. 

Rihanna was often exposed to her parents’ fights as a child. Her father, unfortunately, struggled with alcoholism and cocaine addiction. As a consequence, Rihanna often had to intervene in domestic disputes and other confrontations. Her tumultuous family life had a toll on her health until she was in her adolescent years, often suffering terrible headaches.

Rihanna received her secondary school in Barbados at Cobermere School. She was an army cadet participating in a non-military program at the time. While she had intended to finish high school, her intentions altered once she established a music trio and met an American producer.

A Career in Music

Rihanna’s A Career in Music began when she met Evan Rogers, an American producer, in Barbados. While she was not yet a solo act, Rogers has reported noticing her talent and presence immediately. One of her initial demos was “Pon de Replay” which Rogers sent to Def-Jam records. There, Jay-Z and other executives were intrigued and invited her to an audition where she would shine. On the same day as the audition, she signed a six-album deal with Def Jam Records.

“Pon de Replay” became a worldwide smash and topped the Billboard charts in the United States. Rihanna’s musical career has been marked by a slew of massively hit songs that have served as the centerpieces of her album launches. “SOS” (2006), “Umbrella” and “Don’t Stop the Music” (2007), “Rude Boy” (2009), and “Love the Way You Lie” (2010) are a few examples (2010).

Rihanna has worked with a number of well-known musicians, including Jay-Z, Drake, and Eminem. Madonna, Beyonce, and Bob Marley have all been mentioned as musical inspirations. Rihanna is one of the most successful female singers of all time, with over 250 million albums sold. 

Rihanna’s musical breakthrough paved the way for her entrepreneurial endeavors.

LVMH and Fenty

While Rihanna continues to make songs, she is most recognized for her work as the face of the Fenty fashion label. In 2017, she created the brand in collaboration with LVMH, Bernard Arnault’s luxury goods conglomerate. Rihanna became the first woman and woman of color to start a brand with the fashion multinational in the process. 

Fenty’s lingerie, cosmetics, and skin care brand are still doing well. Rihanna’s 50% ownership in Fenty is supposedly worth $1.4 billion, based on hundreds of millions of dollars in income!


Rihanna has recently purchased a share in Tidal, a music streaming website. Rihanna most likely has a 3% share with other musicians such as Nicki Minaj, Madonna, and Kanye West.

Square, Inc., founded by Jack Dorsey, purchased Tidal for $297 million in 2021. While many of the stockholders stayed the same, Rihanna’s stake would be worth $9 million.

Career in the Film Industry

In addition to her A Career in Music, Rihanna has also starred in several films over the past two decades. These include her first appearance in Bring it On: All or Nothing (2006). Others include Battleship (2012), and a main role in Ocean’s 8 (2018), which grossed $300 Million globally at the box office!

Rihanna’s net worth is estimated to be $1 billion in 2022.

Rihanna has a net worth of $1.7 billion as of 2022. This puts her ahead of peers like Beyonce and Madonna as the richest female musician in the world. 

While her earnings from her A Career in Music are substantial, it’s her ownership stakes in Fenty and Tidal that take her net worth to new heights. Early in her A Career in Music, she has also partnered with brands such as Kodak, Nivea, and Vita Coco.

Via her A Career in Music and business endeavors, Rihanna has become a true pop icon in the United States and in her native Barbados. Her strong brand should continue to present her with opportunities to grow her business empire.

Important Points to Remember

  • It’s not where you start that matters, but where you finish: Rihanna auditioned for an American producer in high school, despite the fact that she was born on a tiny island country. Building contacts with important players in those areas will be critical if you wish to relocate geographically or transition to a new location. Rihanna exemplified this by making a strong first impression on Rogers, who eventually introduced her to Def-Jam recordings.
  • Find those who will enable you to carry out your plan: Rihanna wanted a collaboration to assist her promote her Fenty line of goods since she wasn’t happy with just being a music star. Her past success and brand led her to LVMH, the world’s biggest luxury goods corporation. The most successful persons may almost always attribute their achievement to a number of collaborators. Seek assistance if you’re ready to put your plan into action.

Rihanna is a singer, actress, and entrepreneur. She has an estimated net worth of $1.7 billion. Reference: fenty beauty net worth.

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