How Is The Net Worth Of PPcocaine $800,000?

$800,000 is the net worth of Pascal “Pee” Perez who was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to sell crack cocaine.

The “next youngin net worth” is a question that was asked in the marketing subreddit. The answer to this question is that the net worth of PPCocaine is $800,000.

Have you ever wondered what PPcocaine’s net worth is? The social media star and rapper, on the other hand, has swiftly established a reputation for himself and is now worth a lot. PPcocaine has a net worth of $800,000 as of 2022, thanks to their popular song 3 Musketeers. This article will show how they were able to attain success at such an early age.

Early Years

Lilliane Catherine Diomi, previously known as PPcocaine, was born in Los Angeles on June 1, 2001. Their grandmother and father, on the other hand, reared them in Santa Clara. They took dancing classes throughout high school and developed a love for it. 

They became an erotic dancer after graduating from Golden Valley High School, which was the start of their profession as an entertainment.


Diomi, like Ana Shumate, rose to stardom as a result of the famous app Tik Tok. They shared a preview of one of their first songs, PJ, which quickly became a hit on the app. They would take advantage of the attention and release their first track, DDL, which became popular on Tik Tok as well. 

Domi is a proud lesbian, and their singles have all been sex-positive, and they are proud of who they are. Their candor is reflected in their music, and they shared a clip of the song For That Cash on Tik Tok in July 2020. On the platform, the song was enthusiastically appreciated and was dubbed a lesbian anthem.

They had a sizable following on the app, but they didn’t have the same exposure in the music business. Domi would swiftly reverse that with the release of 3 Musketeers, which became their first US charting song. 

The song reached number 22 on Billboard’s Bubbling Under 100 list and number 76 on the Irish Singles Chart. This was their biggest success, and it cemented their reputation as one of the industry’s hottest new rappers.

Because of their success, record companies started calling, and they answered. They inked a contract with Columbia Records in August of 2020.

They have a distinct musical style. It’s ostentatious and sexual, yet it appeals to a wide range of people. Their forceful vocal delivery combined with obscene material has earned them a cult favorite, with over 1 million Tik Tok and 700,000 Instagram followers.

2022 Ppcocaine Net Worth

Ppcocaine’s net worth is $800,000 as of 2022. Their record contract and music streaming account for the bulk of their earnings. They’re also active on social media, having an account called Only Fans and a YouTube channel. The Los Angeles native is already a celebrity at the age of 20. If this rate of growth continues, their wealth will only grow over time.

Important Points to Remember

  • Embrace your identity: Ppcocaine made the daring decision to come out as a lesbian. As a consequence, they’ve amassed a sizable fan base that backs them up wholeheartedly. Because Ppcocaine is so open, they may be a voice for those who aren’t heard. Accept yourself for who you are; you could inspire someone who isn’t as daring as you.
  • Don’t be scared to stand out: Ppcocaine’s musical material is highly explicit, which may irritate certain listeners. This is, however, the music they like making, and it has helped them achieve success. A lot of the time, being different is a positive thing. Don’t be scared to go against the grain. It’s possible that you’re obstructing your own success.

“The “ppcocaine gender” is a question that has been asked for a long time. The answer to this question is $800,000.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PPCocaine black?

A: PPCocaine is not black, its white.

Is PPCocaine white?

A: No, PPCocaine is a greenish-white substance.

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