How Is The Net Worth Of MrBeast $25 Million?

MrBeast is a YouTube celebrity with roughly 7.7 million subscribers, and in 2018 he became the first person to make $25 million off of his videos that were about Fortnite. In this article I will discuss how MrBeast’s net worth was calculated as well as what marketing strategies are most successful for influencers like him.

The “pewdiepie net worth” is an interesting question. The answer is that MrBeast’s net worth is $25 million.

Have you ever wondered what MrBeast’s net worth is? Well, the internet phenomenon, philanthropist, and businessman has amassed enormous money. MrBeast, who is well-known for his YouTube channel, has a net worth of $25 million. This article will show you how he was able to accomplish such enormous achievement. 

Early years

MrBeast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, was born in Kansas on May 7th, 1998. Donaldson and his brother CJ, on the other hand, grew up in Greenville, North Carolina, where he graduated from Greenville Christian Academy in 2016.

Donaldson made his first YouTube video when he was 13 years old. His early work consisted of videos of him playing computer games like Minecraft and Call of Duty. Donaldson would often make films measuring the wealth of well-known YouTubers.

His enthusiasm for YouTubing expanded exponentially as he grew older. After graduating from high school, he knew he wanted to devote his whole life to YouTube. “I’d rather be destitute than do anything other than YouTube,” he said.

He dropped out of college to pursue a career as a full-time YouTuber. This choice transformed his life and paved the way for him to become a billionaire today.


Donaldson rose to prominence in mid-2016 as a result of his “Worst Intro” series of films. He would make fun of YouTube educators on the platform during these videos. He received roughly 30,000 subscribers as a result of these videos.

Donaldson did not become famous until 2017. He shared a video of himself counting to 100,000 in January of 2017. He spent 40 hours on the time-consuming yet simple prank. He then followed up with another video in which he counts to 200,000. 

Both films received millions of views, demonstrating Donaldson’s value in doing attention-getting pranks on YouTube. Donaldson would go on to make additional films like this with that in mind.

He’d wait for paint to dry, attempt to remain underwater for 24 hours, and smash glass with a hundred megaphones. Donaldson found that the more ridiculous the situation, the more interesting it was to him, and as a result, he was quickly becoming one of YouTube’s greatest stars.

Donaldson, like Charlie D’Amelio, could earn a lot of money from his YouTube channel because of his big following and audience. Because of his omnipresence, he was an ideal candidate for brand partnerships with firms like Quid and Adsense.

It’s unknown how much money he receives from his Youtube videos since the company pays anything between $3 and $5 every 1000 views. However, Donaldson’s videos swiftly reach over 10 million views, implying that he earns at least $30,000 every video.

Giving is another important factor in Donaldson’s profits. He’s been dubbed “Youtube’s Biggest Philanthropist” since he’s given out millions of dollars in contributions via different videos. Although Donaldson sincerely wants to help those in need, he also recognizes that the more he gives, the more eyes he attracts. As a result, his channel generates greater money.


Donaldson has raised over a million dollars via his many viral videos by the end of 2018. He would often contribute tens of thousands of dollars to Twitch and YouTube broadcasters. Donaldson has also established a number of charitable organizations and fundraisers.

Trees in groups

Donaldson, along with YouTuber Mark Rober, created the fundraiser, Trees in groups in October of 2019. The project’s goal was to raise 20 million dollars for the Arbor Day Foundation, which pledged to plant a tree for every dollar raised.

By December of 2019, Trees in groups raised 20 million dollars, and by May of 2020, the project raised over 22 million dollars. The 20 million trees have been estimated to remove 116 thousand tons of chemical air pollution from the atmosphere. 

Philanthropy of the Beasts

Philanthropy of the Beasts was created on March 26th, 2021, and has already positively impacted people in need. Donaldson and his team have given away over 550 million pounds of food and feed around five communities each month.

Philanthropy of the Beasts has also helped support local food banks and charities that were struggling due to Covid-19. Donaldson has over 4 million subscribers to Philanthropy of the Beasts already, so there should be much more good to come. 

Business Partnerships

Donaldson has been able to broaden his business portfolio and move away from YouTube. In June 2020, he published Finger on the App, a one-time multiplayer mobile game in which participants were challenged to keep a finger on the app’s phone screen for as long as possible.

The individual who was the last to withdraw their finger would earn a cash award of $25,000. The game was so popular that Donaldson decided to produce a sequel. Finger on the App 2 is the same premise as the first, but with a larger reward of $100,000.

Mr.Beast Burgers, a virtual, delivery-only fast-food restaurant franchise, was also founded by Donaldson. Donaldson presently has 900 kitchens across North America and Europe, with plans to grow. Burgers, fries, sweets, and canned drinks are on the menu.

MrBeast’s estimated net worth for the year 2022 is unknown.

As of 2022, MrBeast has a net worth of $25 million. The extreme success of his youtube channels paired with his Business Partnerships have set him up to be worth millions. Donaldson is only 23 years old and has already accomplished so much. Donaldson is one of the highest-paid YouTubers, and at this rate will be for the foreseeable future.

Important Points to Remember

  • Give and you will receive: Donaldson ultimately utilized his charitable activities as a means of accumulating money. Decent things happen to good, altruistic individuals, even if they don’t have to give up hundreds. Be nice because it will go a long way and will benefit you in the long run. 
  • Donaldson was prepared to risk everything in order to realize his ambition of being a YouTuber. If you want to be successful in life, you must be willing to put your heart and soul into it. You may have to make significant sacrifices, but if you remain focused, you can reach big ambitions.

MrBeast is a famous YouTube gamer. He has a net worth of $25 million, according to Forbes. Reference: pewdiepie net worth 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is MrBeast rich?

A: Mr. Beast has a net worth of $3,000,000

What is MrBeast worth 2020?

What is MrBeast worth 2021?

A: In 2021, Mr. Beast is currently worth $5.

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