How Duolingo Made Education Exciting

The app is the leading language learning tool in history, with more than 120 million registered users. With a team of 25 full-time linguists and designers, it’s easy to see why Duolingo has been so successful.

The “duolingo effectiveness reddit” is a website that discusses the effectiveness of Duolingo. The site has been around for a while and has been very popular with educators.

Duolingo is certainly familiar to most smartphone users, and many of them have used it. Duolingo is a language learning program that allows you to study many languages at the same time. Games, prizes, and instant grading are among the app’s features. This is how Duolingo has grown into a very addicting and enjoyable method for individuals of all ages to learn over 20 languages.

For young entrepreneurs, a software like Duolingo may be quite motivating. Even if languages aren’t your thing, the popularity of the Duolingo app should give you something to think about. Continue reading to see how it all began and how it has motivated so many others to take on new challenges!

What Motivated Luis von Ahn to Create Duolingo?

You may be wondering how someone gets started with a language learning program like Duolingo. Luis von Ahn, the company’s co-founder and CEO, came up with the notion of creating a platform that would allow those with limited access to education learn a language. While growing up in Guatemala, he realized that many people lacked access to education. This was mainly due to their inability to pay for it. He also wanted to increase the number of work options available to persons who do not understand English.

In a video on Duolingo’s YouTube page, Von Ahn illustrates how learning English in a non-English speaking nation improves your career chances dramatically. He was well aware that the software will have a significant influence on individuals in poor nations. He also integrated Duolingo English speaking certificates with an English speaking competence exam.

In 2012, the majority of educational applications were costly. This is why Von Ahn felt the need to design something that would appeal to a wide range of customers. Users of Duolingo have the option of learning for free. Furthermore, as the app learns your preferred learning techniques and capabilities, it gets increasingly customized.

How Did Duolingo Achieve Such Rapid Growth?

To begin with, learning a new language without having to pay for lessons is quite great. This talent may be used for a profession, travel, or simply for enjoyment. Many individuals spend thousands of dollars in tuition to gain the same abilities that Duolingo provides for free. It may also be done anywhere and at any time.

Duolingo also has a large number of languages to choose from. One of them is Latin, which many consider to be a defunct language. While all original Latin speakers have died, many claim that the language is still important because it has morphed into other Romance languages. It may also be found in the fields of medicine and law. Duolingo understands that having as many alternatives as possible is always beneficial. As a result, they will be able to sell to a larger range of people.

Duolingo, it turns out, genuinely helps people learn languages quicker. According to its website, thirty-four hours of use of the Duolingo app is equivalent to a university class in terms of language learning. Users will be able to attain their objectives and put their new language abilities to work more faster as a result of this. But how did they gain such a large following so quickly?

Duolingo was able to outperform its competition by doing three things.

They made learning enjoyable.


Duolingo adopted a technique known as gamification to make learning exercises more enjoyable. These games include writing, listening, and reading. Duolingo can accommodate a wide range of learners by using all three learning methods. On the Duolingo app, users receive prizes in the same way they do in most games. Coins and new levels are among the benefits.

The beauty of this method is the release of dopamine that we all experience when we complete a task. This is why there are stages and bosses in video games. They know that achieving each level results in a release of dopamine, therefore they include levels in the game to keep you hooked. Duolingo, on the other hand, achieved the same thing with schooling.

People would become sick with the app quickly if they only created dull lectures, exactly as we do at universities. However, by making Duolingo seem more like a game, students are more motivated to continue studying in order to gain more rewards.

They used a freemium business model.

Duolingo also introduced a concept known as the freemium model. The main advantage of a freemium model is that freemium goods are more likely to promote client retention and loyalty. A free trial, on the other hand, you just utilize for the time of your free trial and then cancel… or simply switch emails. It is a terrific approach to utilize word of mouth from existing consumers and create a connection with them since using your freemium product costs little to nothing.

However, the freemium model does not imply that you generate no money from your consumers. A freemium model almost often requires you to view advertisements, so even if you aren’t being paid by the customer, you may still be getting paid from the advertisers on your platform.

Everything was split tested by Duolingo.

When Duolingo first began, they placed a strong focus on statistics. Everything they did was based on statistics, from the classes they would teach to the languages they would provide.

One of the most major enhancements made by Duolingo was really fairly minor. They realized early on that a large number of people were using the app but without registering. They relocated the registration page to the conclusion of the application rather than the beginning to increase signups. They reasoned that allowing individuals to use Duolingo before being requested to create an account would encourage them to do so.

And they were absolutely correct! The number of people who signed up increased by 20%. They would never have come to this conclusion if they hadn’t been testing their software on a regular basis.

What Can You Learn From The Business Model of Duolingo?


Unlike other educational programs, Duolingo is unique. It’s not only entertaining, but it also helps users keep their eyes on the target. It sends out messages as a daily reminder to practice. Many individuals have remarked that this motivates them to spend time to their regular language practice regimen. They also offered free training to its customers, allowing them to check out the platform without incurring any costs.

Duolingo has now entered the market and has piqued the interest of a large number of individuals. It has offices in New York, Seattle, and Beijing, and its net worth has climbed to over one billion dollars in 2019. As they get more revenue, they extend their language possibilities, attracting more users to the app.

Duolingo is so well-known that it was included in a Saturday Night Live sketch. While this may seem unrelated to their business plan, it demonstrates that Duolingo is a well-known brand. The authors of Saturday Night Live understood that viewers would know the brand’s emblem, a green owl, and get the joke. In several ways, the program aided Duolingo by providing free publicity.

Important Points to Remember

Duolingo’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. In a very short amount of time, it moved from being a new enjoyable software for learning a language to being a household brand. This isn’t a simple task, but those who want to follow in their footsteps may learn a lot from their experience.

Making learning entertaining, letting anyone to use the site for free, and testing everything are the three important factors of Duolingo’s development. Duolingo has been able to infiltrate the lives of over 300 million users and become the most popular language learning program on the market by using these three qualities.

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Duolingo is an app that allows users to learn a language. The app uses gamification to make learning the language fun and exciting. Reference: duolingo teacher account.

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