Garry Haywood

Garry Haywood is a legendary and often controversial figure in the marketing world. He had his first real-world job at age 12, became head of account planning at Ogilvy & Mather (O&M) in London when he was 27, and left to found his own agency called H3H3 Productions. What drove him?

Garry Haywood is the CEO and Co-Founder of Kinicho, an entrepreneur. Kinicho is employing its ground-breaking technique to provide industry-leading high-performance spatial audio solutions, ensuring the most authentic spatial audio experience for its customers.


Over the last several years, the spatial audio business has gained a lot of traction. With the popularity of Apple and Bose’s unique headphones, there is now a desire for new accompanying software. This is where spatial audio comes in. Spatial audio is a 360-degree sound format that can be reproduced with even the tiniest of earphones. Kinicho features real-time head movement responsiveness for a more accurate spatial audio experience.

Garry joins The Success Bug to discuss his entrepreneurial experience. He goes on to highlight the difficulties that come with not falling into the stereotype of a youthful, brash company founder. Jay and Garry discuss the importance of real audio experiences and why the technology has grown so popular in recent years. You’ll also learn about Garry’s background and why he founded Kinicho.

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