Federico Nunez

Federico Nunez is a professor at the University of Colorado researching how brands can use video games to better connect with their customers.
Nunez’s research and work has been featured in media outlets such as Boston Magazine, Denver Business Journal, GamesIndustry.biz and Forbes

Federico Nunez is the founder of Novel Management, a multi-million dollar, full-service Miami property management firm. It focuses on single-family and multi-family homes. It takes a lot of time, work, expertise, and knowledge to run a successful rental property. Novel Management saves its customers the time, effort, and aggravation of learning that knowledge.

Federico talks to The Success Bug about why he emphasized hard work from an early age. He got a job as soon as he could, despite the fact that he disliked getting money. He didn’t simply obtain a job, however; he created one. One of the smartest moves he’d ever made was to take over administration of his father’s real estate assets. It took him on a business adventure he could never have imagined. He has a long way to go from studying real estate and dealing with impostor syndrome as a young entrepreneur to developing a seven-figure firm.

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