Eric Siu

Eric Siu is a data analyst at an investment firm in San Francisco. He’s trying to make real investments on the blockchain and figured out how to buy stocks, sell shares of stock, and trade cryptocurrency with just $4

Eric Siu is an American entrepreneur, investor, and businessperson. He has a net worth of $3 billion as of 2018.

Eric Siu is the CEO of the digital marketing business Single Grain and a serial entrepreneur. Through SEO and paid advertising, the firm has assisted companies such as Uber, Amazon, and Salesforce in gaining more consumers. He’s also the co-host of “Marketing School” with Neil Patel and the podcast “Growth Everywhere.” He’s also the author of Leveling Up, a new book that came out on February 24th!

Eric Siu visits The Success Bug to discuss his entrepreneurial experience. He discovered a serious interest for video games and competitive poker when he was young. He was aware of this. What he didn’t know was how to bring the thrill of gaming to life in the real world. Enter the world of entrepreneurship. Eric was able to turn around not one, but two failed businesses. He’s been able to convert his life into a game as a result of these encounters. And now that he’s found it out, there’s no stopping him.

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Eric Siu is a marketing consultant for brands and entrepreneurs. He has been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Inc., and more. Reference: eric siu stockbridge.

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