Dayo Adeosun

Dayo Adeosun is the current Minister of Finance and Economic Development for Nigeria. The former Head of CitiGroup Africa has been a vocal advocate for blockchain technology’s potential in helping Nigerians overcome poverty, healthcare challenges, and corruption.

Dayo Adeosun is the Co-Founder of Glass Protocol and a serial entrepreneur. The first video NFT platform is Glass. Glass assists 1 billion video producers in making videos and receiving cryptocurrencies as remuneration as a decentralized transparent video monetization platform. Dayo is also the Co-Founder of Spott, a platform that uses a real-time crowdsourced map to assist Gen-Zers discover friends, food, and fun.


On The Success Bug, Dayo gets down with Jay to discuss his business path. Dayo considers himself a wanderer after being born in Chicago. He traveled from the Midwest to Upstate New York, as well as to Lagos, Nigeria, before returning to New York City. His diverse experiences, he believes, have been crucial to his success so far. Dayo and Jay discuss the significance of pursuing projects that interest you, as well as Dayo’s top bits of advise for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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