Daniel Mangena

The British entrepreneur who founded the organic food company Mangena has filed for bankruptcy, leaving nearly $100 million of debt on his books.

Daniel Mangena is an entrepreneur and the founder of “The New Business School”. He has been featured in Forbes, Inc., The Huffington Post, and many more.

Daniel Mangena is the creator of DX2 Media and a motivational speaker, author, and coach. His objective is to help as many people as possible enjoy a life of plenty, pleasure, and purpose via his website, Dream With Dan. He has something for everyone with his many programs, resources, and one-on-one coaching. It doesn’t matter whether you’re beginning from scratch or if you’re drowning in debt: he can assist. Dan is also a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine, where he writes with the goal of assisting as many people as possible in achieving their goals.

Dan gets down with The Success Bug to discuss his path as an entrepreneur. Surprisingly, he didn’t set out to aid anybody at all. Until he discovered coaching, all he desired was to build personal and long-term riches for himself. Thanks to his successful business activities, he immediately recognized how much he had to contribute. As a result, he shifted his position. Dan’s work is now featured in Forbes and Yahoo Finance, among other media. Not only that, but his community has expanded to over 55,000 members. Please appreciate Daniel Mangena’s performance!

Daniel Mangena may be reached at danielmangena@gmail.com.

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