Casey Nava

Casey Nava is a self-proclaimed “young and aspiring entrepreneur” who has been in the tech industry for just over two years. He’s become one of the leading influencers in social media marketing, as well as a sought after speaker on digital transformation topics.


Casey Nava, the creator of Navadise Media, was our fourth interviewee. Casey was an athlete for the most of his adolescence until he was involved in a fatal vehicle accident, which forced him to use a wheelchair for a long period. Casey acquired a new interest for filming and photography as a result of conquering this life challenge.

Casey constructed his first drone at the age of 18 and proposed the concept to a local golf facility to take a snapshot of their course for marketing purposes. Navadise Media was created as a result. His company and narrative have secured him many commercial customers, as well as a Tedx Talk as a speaker.


How he launched his business, how he sold his concept to his first clients, and how he transformed adversity into a fresh enthusiasm. You’ll also discover how he developed his firm to serve a variety of consumers and what advise he would provide to any budding entrepreneur on how to get their business off the ground.

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“[How do you handle unfortunate circumstances]…” Feel very grateful for all you already have. Try to focus your energies on something else you can manage at any given time.”

“[to mix personal life with one’s hobbies]… It’s critical, in my opinion. I believe it facilitates the process… “All you have to do is draw that extra effort out of yourself.”

“One of the most important aspects of college, in general, is networking… I can’t tell you how much business I’ve had later in life from folks I went to college with and had a good time with.”

“Just go do anything you’re enthusiastic about, whatever idea you have.” “Don’t put it off any longer.”

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