Cameron Howard

Cameron Howard has been a leader in the marketing and technology industries. His latest venture is to take his expertise of branding, content creation, and digital marketing strategies into Blockchain technologies with crypto-friendly companies such as QTUM

Cameron Howard is a well-known speaker, author, and entrepreneur. He has become successful by using his knowledge of marketing to help others succeed.

Straight EComm LLC was founded by Cameron Howard, an American entrepreneur. Straight EComm is Cam’s approach of helping people learn about e-commerce after achieving seven figures via dropshipping and brand development. He founded the firm with the goal of teaching the common individual how to establish and grow a six-figure e-commerce business from the bottom up. Cam shares his own ways for generating free traffic from Instagram and TikTok without spending money on adverts in his business, which is a step-by-step coaching program.

Cam gets down with Jay and the two discuss how he came to learn about dropshipping. Cam didn’t have much direction as a sixteen-year-old in a brand-new high school. He’d worked as a bus boy and at Starbucks, among other odd jobs. Regardless of how much money he was saving, he knew he wanted more out of life. As a result, he began looking for a mentor who could teach him about dropshipping.

Cameron-HowardCam Howard’s Instagram account was used as a source.

He had previously tried his hand at dropshipping, but had been generally unsuccessful. Having the confidence to spend money on a mentor turned out to be the best decision he could have made. Cam has now made seven figures through dropshipping and has even gone one step further. He’s now shifted his focus to “brand-building,” a kind of dropshipping that enables a seller to offer a single product rather than multiples. Now you’ll learn everything about how he was able to pull it off.

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