Betcha: A New Way To Play

Betcha is a revolutionary way to play games. Betcha lets players bet with their friends, be rewarded instantly and win big without any chance of losing money. Players can earn coins by winning the game or redeem them for prizes from our partners like Amazon!

Betcha is a new way to play. It’s an online casino that lets you make bets and win real money. You can also deposit your winnings into your bank account, or withdraw them to spend on whatever you want.

Casinos, step aside. A new Sheriff has arrived in town.

Jason Shapiro, Chief Revenue Officer of Betcha, was our eleventh guest on The Success Bug Podcast. Betcha is a fresh new daily fantasy sports software that aims to make social gaming accessible to even the most casual of fans.

Why You Should Be Concerned Betcha and Jason Shapiro

Jason found himself taking advantage of every networking opportunity he could as a young business professional. He obtained a solid grasp of the sports gambling sector after working in it for many years before joining Betcha. Instead of going the usual way, Jason pitched his ideas to the Betcha team using his business experience and strong networking abilities.


What occurred when Jason arrived was very remarkable. Betcha is trying to take over the market by leapfrogging popular sports betting apps like FanDuel and DraftKings after raising $2 million in a seed round headed by Sinai Ventures and Muse Capital. Jason is the Chief Revenue Officer, which means he is in charge of product and marketing strategy, fundraising, partnerships, odds and forecasts, and more.

Don’t get us wrong, however. Betcha is more than simply another sports betting app. The app is on a quest to simplify gaming, drawing inspiration from popular startups like Robinhood and Peloton. To foster responsibility, Peloton, for example, allows members with similar interests to acquire rideshare badges or compete for leaderboard slots.

Betcha goes a step further by arranging competitions amongst various fanbases. Fans of the New York Jets, for example, may compete for the opportunity to win awards, apparel, and event tickets. Users may not only make bets but also engage with one another on a completely socially dynamic and elegant site.

Betcha now has its eyes set on upending the sports betting industry. But don’t take it from me. Listen to our exclusive chat with Betcha’s Jason Shapiro.

This episode will teach you


  • How to leverage networking to your professional benefit aggressively
  • The many approaches of pitching yourself and your ideas to potential investors
  • How to pitch a group of investors on a lucrative and appealing company
  • How to Overcome Your Fear of Starting a Business

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Make contact with Jason Shapiro and you’ll be surprised.

Famous Quotes

“[Building Betcha] was basically about being ready to seek for advice from individuals who are specialists in specific fields.” People are eager to assist. People that are working and struggling to build a vision are respected.”

“Many individuals believe they have a unique answer to a problem. However, they do not plan 12 to 24 months ahead.”

“We’ve always known how [Betcha] would appear in two or three years.” It’s critical for the fundraising process and getting people to believe in what you’re developing to be able to generate that vision and then explain it well.

“Creating analogies to firms that people are acquainted with helps break down a notion that may be difficult to grasp.”

“Don’t be concerned about the danger since the payoff will be much bigger.” And don’t conceive of the prize as “this is a profitable firm that we’re selling for $200 million.” The process is the reward. Even if it fails, it prepares you for your next [company].”

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Betcha is a new way to play. With Betcha, you can see if your friends are telling the truth or not. It’s fun and easy to use. Check out betcha for more info! Reference: betcha app rules.

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