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The Austin and Jake Deraaff Story is a story about two college kids that started up a brand new company in the crowded beer industry. They were able to create something completely unique, using their crafty marketing skills, targeted budgeting and creative ideas.

Austin & Jake Deraaff is an American DJ duo. The two are best known for their remixes of other artists songs and the release of their debut EP, “A&J”. Read more in detail here: austin name.

Why You Should Know Austin & Jake Deraaff

Austin and Jake Deraaff were our sixth interviewees. Twins who got into real estate after dropping out of college. However, unlike other youngsters their age, they did not invest in real estate via a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). They began dealing in real estate wholesale.

When a person, known as a ‘wholesaler,’ buys a contract from a property seller (typically at a discount) and assigns it to an end buyer, this is known as real estate wholesaling. A wholesaling charge is connected to each transaction, and this is how wholesalers make money.

Many new real estate investors employ this method since it is a low-cost way to gain money. Because real estate wholesalers often identify and contract distressed homes, it’s affordable. Unlike flipping, real estate wholesaling involves no house modifications or expansions, thus there are no fees involved. This does not, however, make real estate wholesaling simple. Jake and Austin had to wait a long time to finalize their first contract.

Most people would have given up at this point, but the twins persevered, and after seven months, they eventually completed their first sale. They acted on their newfound confidence, and they’re on schedule to close their 80th contract by the end of 2020. In addition, Jake, Austin, and Tyler founded CloserUniversity, a Real Estate Investment Training course where they teach you the tactics they’ve used to complete over $3,000,000 in transactions.


Why wholesaling is a low-cost method to enter into real estate, what goes into building a successful wholesaling firm, why wholesaling is better than investing in stocks or FX, and their best advise for someone who wants to go into wholesaling. You’ll also discover why wholesaling may help newcomers rapidly learn about the real estate market and develop crucial bargaining skills.

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“We decided it wasn’t for us after our second year of college, so we searched for another road… It was difficult at first. It took us seven months to get our first contract. But, just like everything else, if you fight it every single day, you’ll see results.”

“To acquire anything, you need liquidity or cash with stocks and all these other asset types.” However, with wholesaling, you don’t need any money up front, credit, or a college diploma.”

“The reason why wholesaling is so profitable for us is that we identify someone who wants to sell their property for $100,000, purchase it from them, and then sell it for $120,000 to a contractor who buys and flips houses.” We just got $20,000 by transferring the rights to the contractor.”

“Take tremendous action if you’re going to do it.” When people fail, it’s usually because they don’t take enough action… Most people, I believe, get fixated on YouTube videos and books, which are both excellent sources of information. But if you don’t put together an action plan, it won’t happen.”

“Most people consider failure to be failure.” I see it as constructive criticism.”

“We decided to give back to CloserUniversity since there are so many individuals that are interested in Real Estate.” “It would be a disservice by not sharing and giving away what we have because we have so much value and so much information that it would damage us not to offer that,” our business colleague informed me today.

“The ability to actively listen is the number one talent in sales, followed by the ability to create rapport.”

Austin & Jake Deraaff is a marketing company in Austin, Texas. They specialize in SEO and digital advertising. Reference: austin, texas zip code.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Austin Texas most known for?

A: Austin, Texas is the capital of the U.S. state of Texas and has a population of over 1 million people in 2017!

Is Austin expensive to live?

A: It is as expensive to live in Austin as it is anywhere else, but the cost of living varies depending on which factors you take into account.

What is Austin the city of?

A: Austin is the capital of Texas.

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