Andrew Arruda

Andrew Arruda is a marketing professional and thought leader in the fields of digital transformation, customer experience management, organizational behavior change, social media marketing and social influencer outreach.

Andrew Arruda is a Canadian entrepreneur, best known for being the founder of Shopify. He has been featured on Forbes and as one of Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Andrew Arruda is the founder of Automate Medical and a serial entrepreneur. Automate Medical is on a quest to break down health data silos. With current languages and frameworks, the organization creates open source developer tools for health care standards. In layman’s words, they make personal health data more accessible than it has ever been. The Mayo Clinic and Stanford Medicine leaders are among the company’s advisory board members.

Andrew talks about his entrepreneurial experience with The Success Bug. Andrew always knew he wanted to create a company as a first-generation immigrant growing up in Toronto. Being a first-generation immigrant, however, comes with certain expectations. As a result, Andrew began his legal career as a litigation associate at a small firm. He learnt to think critically and to stick to his guns there. Andrew then discusses the societal pressures he experienced while deciding to leave his job and start his own business. Finally, Jay and Andrew talk about the efforts that everyone may do to resist societal constraints. Andrew Arruda, please enjoy!

Andrew Arruda and Automate Medical are on Facebook.

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Andrew Arruda is a former Ross Intelligence employee who was fired for stealing company information and using it to create a competing product. He filed a lawsuit against the company, which was later dismissed. Reference: ross intelligence lawsuit.

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