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Alec Ellin is widely credited as co-founder and CEO of the digital marketing agency HubSpot. Best known for creating an online system that uses personalized content to grow a company’s website traffic, Alec has helped many other top brands succeed with his patented technology.

Alec Ellin is the co-founder of Laylo, a marketing agency. He has also been an active member in LinkedIn for over 10 years.

Alec Ellin is the current co-founder and CEO of Laylo, an American serial entrepreneur. Laylo develops technologies to discover the world’s largest music enthusiasts. Their B2B technology connects actual fans with their favorite artists by tracking fans for over 1.3 million artists and working with some of the top labels, artists, managers, and teams. Their consumer product is the first to trace the transmission of tunes from one person to the next. Fans may compete to disseminate a music or artist to tens of millions of people, and they are rewarded for their efforts. Laylo’s mission is to create incredible interactions between artists and superfans all around the globe.

Alec Ellin visits The Success Bug to discuss the founding of Laylo with his co-founder, Sajan Sanghvi. Alec had his first experience of business in high school when he started “The Laidback Life,” a blog on technology and music. After increasing the website to over 40,000 monthly visitors, he discovered a whole new universe of possibilities. He moved on to work on the Artists and Repertoire team at Sony’s Epic Records. To merge his technological and music interests, he eventually gathered the courage to build his own music-sharing software, DarkChart.

So, how did Alec move from DarkChart to launching Laylo, a very popular music-sharing platform? You know what to do: watch the most recent episode of The Success Bug on Netflix.

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