64 Of The Best Ways To Actually Make Money As A Teen

Just when you thought being a teen was tough, imagine being broke and not knowing how to make money. If this sounds like your life, don’t worry- we’ve found 64 of the best ways for teens looking for easy ways to earn extra cash on their own terms. From blogging to online jobs, there are tons of options that can help out in both making ends meet AND teaching younger generation about financial responsibility.

The “how to make money as a 15 year old” is a blog post that talks about the 64 of the best ways to actually make money as a teen.

Every mother has spoken two things to her children as they grew up.

“Because I said so,” says the narrator.

“No, there’s food in the home,” says the narrator.

-Every Mother Who Ever Lived

After all, our childhoods aren’t that dissimilar. When I was around 9 years old, I requested my mother to go to Rite Aid and get me a Snickers bar. “If you want to purchase food, do it with your own money,” she remarked, looking at me. It was unfair, given that I was a youngster with no means of support. “How do I earn money?” I inquired as a sensible follow-up inquiry. “You have to sell something,” she said flatly. “What should I sell?” I answered.

She walked through the shop on a scorching summer day. “It cost five dollars to purchase a 24-pack of water,” she added, pointing to a 24-pack of water. Purchase a 24-pack, take it to a nearby park, and sell each water for $1. You’ll earn $19 if you sell all of them. Then you may purchase as many Snicker bars as you like.” 

I doubt she imagined I’d go through with the plan, but I was aware of the value of money even back then. So, after doing some research, I discovered that all I’d need is a wheeled cooler and a bag of ice. Within a week, I had borrowed a tiny sum from my mother to purchase all of the necessary ingredients, and I began yelling, “Ice-cold water, ice-cold soda, one dollar!” at my neighborhood park.

I was able to make money really rapidly. After I paid off my mother, I went out and purchased even more water and soda, which meant I spent even more money. It set me on the route that has taken me to where I am now, with numerous enterprises under my belt. However, I owe it all to my mother, who instilled in me the value of earning money as a child.

You’re undoubtedly wondering how to generate money as a teen if you’re reading this. That you’re interested in producing money at such a young age is fantastic. If you can begin working on your side business today, it will pay you handsomely before you even have your first beer.

In this piece, I’ll go over over 60 different methods that you may generate money as a teen right now. This article will cover anything from completing chores around the house to installing applications and earning money online. You’ll be well prepared to begin your business adventure by the conclusion of it.

How To Make Money In Your Neighborhood As A Teen


Do you want to generate money while being at home? It’s no issue. You may earn money by completing odd tasks in your community in a variety of ways. We’ll go over all of the finest methods to generate money as a teen in your community in this section.

1. Tutor Children in Your Community

Do you have a natural aptitude for math? Have you always had a knack for writing? You may earn money if you excel in a particular talent. You’re undoubtedly aware of some other children in your community, either your age or younger, who may benefit from a tutor.

Reach out to them and see if they’d be willing to pay you for homework assistance. You may also create an account on a website such as tutor.com and create a profile there. 

2. Walking the Dog


This one has a special place in my heart since it was my business after I quit selling water and soda. In sixth grade, I received my first dog. I got to meet a lot of other dog owners since I had to take her to the dog park every day. The fact that no one was available to walk their dog in the afternoon was a common gripe among them all.

Since I finished school at 3:00 p.m., I began giving a late-afternoon dog walking service to clients who needed their dog walked. I began dog walking when I was around 12 years old and continued for about ten years. This works well in cities where a large number of people live in close proximity to one another in apartment complexes.

If you don’t have a dog or don’t know where to meet dog owners, you could always create a profile on an app like Rover or Wag. It just takes a few minutes, and there’s no better way to make money than with dogs.

3. Make Money Babysitting As A Teen

Babysitting is another option for a youngster to earn money nowadays. Parents are often preoccupied, and many of them do not want to check that their children have completed their schoolwork and tidied their rooms when they get home from work. This is where you enter the picture.

Many parents would gladly hire a babysitter to care after their children while they are not there. You could always use an app like Care.com or Sittercity.com if you don’t know anybody.

4. Dismantling Christmas Trees


Putting up Christmas trees is something that everyone enjoys. Nobody enjoys tearing them down. When the holidays arrive, post posters throughout your area offering to remove Christmas trees for a charge. You could even post posters on people’s doors offering to take down their Christmas trees for $50. Despite the fact that this only works for one season, you could find 20 individuals who want you to take down their tree for them. I don’t know about you, but as a teenager, $1,000 goes a long way.

5. Letting Your Car Out When It Isn’t In Use

You probably have a vehicle if you live in the suburbs and have to travel to school. Some individuals share a car with their family, while others have their own vehicle. If you have your own automobile and want to generate money as a teen, you may rent it out to others. Using an app like Turo makes this very simple. This might be a great opportunity to hire out your automobile if you don’t need it over the weekend.

6. Compose Student Essays

As a student, there are two things you can’t ignore. Exams and essay writing are two activities that students engage in. And, although you won’t be able to take people’s exams for them, many of them will be happy to pay you to write essays for them. You may charge ten dollars per page, and if you’re a competent writer, you’ll have no trouble keeping some students or expanding your company to new kids.

Sitting a Dog

Dog sitting is similar to dog walking in that it involves a dog being with you for a prolonged length of time. Instead of taking a 30-minute stroll, a dog may remain with you for three days while its owners are away. You’ll still need to walk the dog, but dog sitting entails additional responsibilities such as feeding and watering.

If you have room in your home and your parents are on board, this might be a terrific opportunity to start earning some additional cash.

Teaching Art Lessons is number eight on the list.

I don’t mean you have to be able to draw to participate in art. You may organize art classes for other kids in your community if you can sing, play an instrument, paint, or do anything else along those lines. This is fantastic since it allows you to educate a large number of children at once in a group setting.

9. Organize a Poker Night


My first experience with poker was when I was in high school. I wasn’t great, but neither were the others. Introduce poker evenings if you have an open place where you can invite pals over. Although you won’t be able to charge your friends to come, there are a number of YouTube tutorials that will teach you the fundamentals of poker. That’s all you’ll need to win the game against your buddies. This may be a fun way to make some extra money while learning a new skill.

10. Sell Waters & Sodas In Your Local Park In The Summer

Because that was my first experience with generating money as a youngster, you probably saw this coming. This is a fairly easy procedure to follow. You purchase a 24-pack of water for a few dollars and then sell each bottle for a dollar in congested locations. Local parks were where I had the most success. If you know of any additional high-traffic places in your community, though, this may be an ideal location for you to open up shop. 

You may also try other items like sweets, chocolate, and other delicacies. The startup costs are quite inexpensive, and it is really simple to make money doing this.

11. In the Winter, Sell Hot Coffee

I would have done the same thing as a teen if I wanted to earn more money. During the summer, you may only sell water and sodas. When winter arrives, the business model is no longer viable. You may, however, continue in business if you just modify your product offering.

You may brew coffee and sell it in a busy place if you invest in a coffee machine. You may also experiment with tea and hot chocolate to see if these sell well as well.

12. Snow shovel

Shoveling snow is another chore you may perform in the winter. This is particularly useful if you live in a suburban area with several driveways. Many people despise shoveling their own snow, yet it is necessary to get your vehicle into and out of the driveway.

Ask folks if they would be interested in having their driveway shoveled for $20 by going door to door. Many people will take you up on that offer, and if you do a good enough job, this may turn into recurrent money for you since it will be snowing all winter.

13. Sell To Your Classmates To Make Money As A Teen

Using your peers to generate money is one of the simplest methods to make money as a teen. All you have to do is purchase something that you can then resale to your buddies for a better price. Sports cards, shoes, headgear, and food are all examples of this.

On eBay, you may quickly purchase items that you can then sell to your peers for a profit. The key is to test it first before selling it. Show your students an image of a watch and ask how much they would be ready to pay for it if you were to sell it to them. Once you’ve received their answer, check if you can obtain that watch for a lower price and sell it to them for a profit.

14. Pursue a career as a personal trainer


I certainly wasn’t lifting weights as a teenager. I was probably supposed to be. However, if you are in terrific form and know how to work out at the gym, this might be a wonderful approach for a youngster to start earning money. Many youngsters are concerned about their appearance. If you can show them how you’ve transformed your body, they’ll be prepared to put their trust in you to help them alter theirs.

If you’re excellent in sports, this may also work. You may charge for training classes and teach youngsters how to play basketball, soccer, or football if you are an expert at the sport.

15. Work as a referee

You undoubtedly know the ins and outs of a sport if you’ve played it for most of your life. You may utilize your sports experience to become a referee. As a player, you’re certainly familiar with all of the fields and courts in your community that host children’s games. Inquire about the sports communities in your area to see if they need further assistance.

Referees are constantly in demand, and if you have a good understanding of the sport, this might be a good method for a youngster to earn some money.

16. Yard Maintenance

This may not apply to you if you reside in a city. However, for those of you who live in the suburbs, one of the most difficult things for homeowners to do is maintain their yards. This might be as simple as mowing their yard, pulling weeds, or raking leaves. People will start flocking to you to perform the labor that they would rather not do if you can establish yourself as the neighborhood yard cleaner.

17. Host Block Parties in Your Area

For the most part, partying is a means for individuals to waste money. However, if you look at it from the perspective of an entrepreneur, there are several ways to profit from throwing events. Growing up, I had a group of pals who would hire out a location and charge a cover price.

It’s possible for you to do the same. Look for vacant locations in your community and estimate how much it would cost to rent them out for the night. Once you’ve determined how much it costs to rent out the space, calculate how many people you’ll need to bring in to break even. Assume you can charge between $10 and $20 per individual.

See if you can get a DJ to come for free in exchange for the publicity. If you can’t locate a DJ for free, give them a cut of the admission fee earnings. This way, they’ll be more likely to bring their own group, and you’ll only have to pay them if you earn money.

18. Earn Money While You’re a Teen by Washing Cars


If you live in a suburb where everyone has a vehicle, this might be a simple way to get money as a teen, similar to yard work. Go door to door and inquire if the owners would want you to clean their automobile. Many individuals will understand the urgency and, if their vehicle hasn’t been cleaned in a while, will allow you to do it. Many of the supplies required to clean an automobile may be found in your own home. You may just go them door to door and inquire if anybody is in need of assistance. 

19. Make Your Space Available for Rent

Do you own a home with a garage? Perhaps a large room where you can entertain guests. You’re probably too young to utilize Airbnb to rent out your whole home. However, you might rent out your property and allow others to utilize certain portions of your home. Do you have a collection of comic books that you can rent out for $5 an hour? Maybe some video games that you wouldn’t mind sharing for a few hours over the weekend with someone else? 

It doesn’t have to be your own personal area. A bike, skateboard, soccer ball, or baseball bat might all be rented out. Just make sure you know who you’re giving your things to so you can track them down if they don’t return them.

Invest in a vending machine.

What? Yes, you did hear me correctly. Surprisingly, a vending machine may be purchased by anybody. In reality, most vending machines cost less than $2,000 to buy. Yes, it is a substantial sum of money. However, if you can place it in the proper spot, this may pay off soon. What constitutes a desirable location? Of course, it’s your school! 

Request that your school install a vending machine so that kids may obtain refreshments throughout the day. Even if your school declines, you may still approach other schools in your district to see if they are interested. If you can discover a school that doesn’t offer any other food options, the vending machine will be your sole option for a noon snack.

Clean Houses (number 21)

Cleaning is one of those tasks that no one like doing, yet it is something that we all have to do. Take advantage of this. There’s a good probability you live in an apartment complex if you reside in a metropolis. Communal laundromats or rubbish facilities will be available in most residential complexes. There are frequently bulletin boards in these places where you may put fliers.

Make some fliers announcing that you will be cleaning homes. Per residence, you might charge anything from $100 to $200. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours, and it’s a fun activity to do after school or on weekends. For my dog-walking company, I utilized the exact same method.

It’s a very efficient way to show folks in your neighborhood that your service is available. If you reside in an apartment complex, word-of-mouth is also a nice thing. If you perform a good job for someone, they may recommend you to another neighbor. You may even ask them to help you spread the message. 

22. Teach Children To Code

What are the similarities between Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs? They were all under the age of 21 when they launched their businesses. Children may now establish their own businesses at a young age thanks to technological advancements. It’s also a useful skill to have since computer science and engineering are among the highest-paying degrees.

Not only can learning to code benefit you with your own company, but you can also utilize that talent to educate younger kids in your area how to code. This is something that parents would gladly pay for.

23. T-Shirts on Demand For Your School

A sports team may be found at almost every school. Most schools feature groups such as a chess club or a comic book club in addition to sports teams. Every sports team, as well as many other organizations, need clothes. Inquire with your athletic director about the cost of sports equipment for a certain sport. 

Tell them you’ve been looking into school clothes and discovered that many schools overpay for their athletic gear. Once they’ve told you how much they spend for their garments, ask if they’d be willing to pay you to go locate a lower provider. If they agree, you may usually locate a supplier that can undercut the present provider’s pricing and therefore save you money.

24. Mastering the Art of DJing


In college, I worked as an unofficial DJ for my fraternity for two years. The first thing I noticed when DJing is that it isn’t nearly as difficult as it seems. The key to being a successful DJ is to have the correct music, and if you have a strong ear for music, blending tracks together is simple.

You may DJ anything in your community, including school functions, bar mitzvahs, and even birthday parties. Most gatherings will need a DJ, and all you need is a switchboard, which can be purchased for as little as $100.

25. Make Money Cleaning Garages As A Teen

Cleaning is clearly a trend. Because no one like cleaning garages, they are another fantastic spot to clean. If you live in a suburb where people really have garages, this is a better option. Flyers may be seen at the local store, church, or playground once again. Look for venues where you may post your fliers for free.

Making the paper or typeface a bit different from all the other flyers is the key to making these flyers stand out. If you utilize too many colors or hues that are too bright, it may become distracting. However, a flyer with red text or pink paper will stick out more than one with white and black.

26. Real Estate Wholesaling Can Help You Make Money As A Teen

Real estate wholesaling is one of the simplest methods for a youngster to enter into real estate and start making money. A wholesaler contracts a house with a seller and then finds a buyer willing to pay more than the seller’s asking price for the property. So, if you locate a property for sale for $100,000, your aim is to find a buyer ready to pay $120,000 for it. You may generate a $20,000 risk-free profit just by brokering a trade between the two.

Going door to door and asking whether anybody would be interested in selling their home or if they know anyone who might be is the easiest approach to get started. If you’re interested in learning more about real estate wholesaling, listen to our podcast episode where we chatted with two real estate wholesalers who quit their day jobs to pursue wholesaling full-time.

27. Develop Local Business Websites

Every major corporation has a website. According to studies, the internet is used by 3.5 billion people. Smaller firms, on the other hand, may lack a website simply because they do not know how to create one. Show local companies samples of comparable websites in their field and tell them you can create a website for them that looks just like this one. There are a plethora of YouTube tutorials available that will lead you through the process of creating a website from the ground up. So don’t be put off by the procedure.

28. Earn Money Taking Care Of The Elderly As A Teen


My next-door neighbor fell sick while I was in high school. He required someone to look after him at night since he would sometimes wake up and want items such as a drink or a snack. I was earning $100 a night merely staying in his guest room next to a walkie-talkie by taking care of him at his time of need.

Another wonderful option for a kid to generate money is to market your services in local locations where the elderly congregate. Flyers may be posted at a nearby park, leisure center, or even your own business. 

29. Make Money Cleaning Boats As A Teen

You won’t be able to accomplish this unless you reside in a town or location near a body of water. To avoid discoloration and debris being caught in the cloth, most boat canvases need to be cleaned once a month. Many folks will pay you to merely wash it down and clean it to remove any remaining filth.

How To Make Money Online As A Teen

Are you looking for methods to earn money while being at home? Great. As a teen, it is the finest moment in history to generate money online. There are many of companies from which to pick. Some of them may allow you to generate money straight immediately, while others will need you to create a following. Regardless, you have plenty of choices.

30. Start A YouTube Channel As A Teen To Make Money

It’s not unusual to come across teenagers that make a lot of money on YouTube each month. To establish a YouTube channel, you must be at least 13 years old. You just need a camera and an internet connection to begin making content. From James Charles to Kyle Forgeard, a slew of well-known celebrities have made money from their YouTube presence. Check out our page on How To Make Money On YouTube to discover more about the different ways you may make money on YouTube.

31. As a teen, you may get money by selling your old items.

Look through your closet for me. I’m prepared to guess that you only wear around 20% of the items in there. That is not a criticism of you. The majority of us purchase items that we do not need. Selling these garments, on the other hand, is one of the simplest methods to earn quick cash.

Post a photo of some of the items you’d want to sell if you have any social media profiles. Some individuals may express an interest in purchasing your items.

You may also list your things on networks such as Facebook Marketplace. This increases the visibility of your stuff. The more sites you can post your products, the more likely they will be seen by a prospective buyer.

32. Pick up a high-paying skill

This is one thing I wish I had known sooner. You’ll never acquire high-income talents in school, therefore you’ll have to teach them to yourself. The quadratic formula is well-known. SEO stands for search engine optimization. is something that only a few individuals are aware of.

There are a number of high-income talents that, if learned today, can pay off handsomely later in life. Here are a few examples:

  • Copywriting
  • SEO stands for search engine optimization.
  • Coding
  • Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing in which you
  • Social media development that is natural 
  • Advertising on Facebook
  • Constructing a funnel

A number of these abilities are discussed in depth on the internet. You may also look for these abilities on YouTube if you like to listen.

33. Start A Dropshipping Business When You’re A Teen

Dropshipping is a kind of company where you don’t have to buy any inventory. Assume someone wants to purchase a mobile phone cover. You develop a mobile phone case-selling website named cellphonecases.com. They go to your website and place an order for a $20 case. 

What they don’t realize is that you don’t have any phone cases. You just go to a mobile phone case maker and get a $5 cell phone case. You then pay $5 for a mobile phone cover from the manufacturer and mail it to the customer who paid $20 for it on your website. This results in a profit of $15.

Check out our page on the subject to learn more about dropshipping and how you may start your own dropshipping company. We cover all you need to know about dropshipping, including how to get started quickly. You may also listen to our audio episode with Cameron Howard of Straight EComm LLC, in which we talk about how Cam has earned over $700,000 via dropshipping and developing a brand.

34. As a teen, you may get money by being a freelancer.

It’s simpler than ever to become a freelancer if you choose to study a high-paying expertise. Someone who works for oneself rather than for a corporation is known as a freelancer. This simply implies that individuals will pay you for specific duties. You aren’t paid a salary. Because you don’t have a salary and benefits, you may charge significantly more as a freelancer than you could as a paid employee.

We suggest creating a Fiverr account if you want to work as a freelancer since you have a certain talent. One of the most popular online markets for freelancers is Fiverr. In sectors including digital marketing, video animation, and programming, you may offer your talents for as little as $5.

Check out our Fiverr analysis if you want to learn more about the site and how to get started with it. 

35. Twitch Streaming

If you recall the 2018 Fortnite mania, you’ll remember Twitch. Twitch is a video game streaming platform that allows users to earn money by showing advertisements on their profile. Twitch TV has let some players earn millions of dollars every month. Finally, you have an explanation for why you need to play video games more often for your parents. 

36. Make Money With An Instagram Theme Page As A Teen


Instagram has a user base of over one billion people. Although most of us use the platform to pass the time, it may also be used to earn money. Let’s pretend you’re into backyard hobbies. Grilling, landscaping, and gardening, for example. You could start an Instagram feed dedicated to reposting images of very stunning gardens and backyards.

Companies who offer items in that category will come out to you for a shout-out after you have a following of 10 to 20 thousand followers on this page. You may charge them to post an ad on your Instagram page, work with influencers that are interested in working with your page, or sell the page as a whole to a firm. There are several methods to profit from Instagram, but these are some of the most effective.

37. Make Money Selling Stock Photos As A Teen

Do you like taking pictures? Do you like shooting photographs in particular? If you do, you’ll be able to start earning paid for your photographs. Many companies will use services like Pexels, Pixabay, iStock, and Getty Photographs to get stock images for their websites.  

You may publish your images to these sites if you like capturing pictures of nature. You get paid every time someone downloads one of these photographs. 

38. Start A Blog As A Teen To Make Money

This one appeals to me not just because I have a blog, but also because blogging is one of those activities that can be undertaken at any age. While a blog needs a lot of work, the only thing it truly asks of you is the capacity to consistently publish material. It doesn’t have to be every day, but you should be able to commit to two blog articles every week at the very least.

Blogging isn’t one of those activities where you can start making money right away. However, it may pay off in the long run. Ask yourself, “What am I most interested in?” before choosing a blog subject. You’ll be astonished at how many topics you can write about and earn money from.

There are blogs that earn six figures a year just by producing blog entries on video games, sports, dating, and many other topics. Check read our article on the issue here if you want to learn how to establish a blog and make money from it.

39. D-Pop and Etsy are great places to sell vintage clothing.


Do you like wearing old clothing? You may sell antique clothes on D-Pop or Etsy if this is the case. These are fantastic online markets for apparel buyers and sellers. It’s really simple to begin selling antique clothes. You may get clothing for pennies on the dollar if you go to a local thrift shop, Salvation Army, or GoodWill.

40. Begin selling on eBay and Amazon as a dropshipper.

What distinguishes this from typical dropshipping? In conventional dropshipping, you’d pay a monthly fee for a platform like Shopify and then spend money on advertisements to drive traffic to your website. You don’t have to pay for a platform if you dropship on eBay or Amazon. You also won’t have to pay for advertisements since most customers already shop on eBay or Amazon. If you don’t have any money to invest, this is a lot more cost-effective approach to get started with dropshipping.

41. Make Money Managing Youtube Influencers As A Teen

“What?” you may be wondering. Allow me to explain. Most individuals create a YouTube account because they are passionate about the subject on which they will be posting videos. Few of them realize that after they’ve built an engaged following, monetizing their account is simple. Let’s pretend there was a YouTuber who liked to perform yo-yo tricks. They might have tens or hundreds of thousands of subscribers who like their movies.

You may reach out to them and inquire about the cost of placing an advertising in one of their films. Some of them may not even know how to respond since they have never been asked that question before. Once you’ve received a response, contact yo-yo firms and explain that you manage a YouTuber and that placing one of their yo-yos in their video will cost $X.

Make sure to provide the corporation a figure that is ten times more than the YouTuber’s request. So, if the Youtuber says they want $50, ask the firm for $500. The YouTuber usually doesn’t mind if you earn money as long as you pay them the money they want. As an unofficial manager, this is a simple way to get started. 

42. Produce a Podcast


Podcasts are listened to by over 144 million people in the United States. This is an excellent time for you to start one on a subject that interests you. Although you won’t be able to make money right away, this is something that might eventually offer you with a full-time income. You may sell your own goods, someone else’s product, or simply perform conventional advertising via your platform since so many people listen to podcasts. If you’re interested in beginning a podcast and want to learn more about it, read our article on the subject. 

43. Audio Files Transcribing

Many individuals who have a podcast or a YouTube channel also have a blog to go with it. However, with a blog, a YouTube channel, and a podcast, creating material for all of their platforms is difficult. Transcribing their audio information to written content is a terrific approach to produce content without adding to their workload. Because no one like trancribing audio files, most content makers would gladly outsource this task.

You won’t have to transcribe them, thankfully. Contact folks that have a YouTube channel or a podcast and offer to transcribe their audio files for $2 per minute. Then go to transcriberry.com, where you may have audio files transcribed for $1.25 per minute. If you’re asked to transcribe a 30-minute video, that’s an easy $20 for doing nothing. Also, if they make a lot of videos, this might be a source of ongoing cash for you. 

Investing In The Stock Market (No. 44)

You will not earn money rapidly in the stock market unless you are a penny stock trading genius like Connor Brueggemann. The stock market should be seen as a long-term investment strategy. However, if you start investing $20 a week in the stock market when you’re 18, you’ll have more than $16,000 in 10 years! And that’s just on a weekly budget of $20. As you get older and earn more money, you will be able to invest more in the stock market.

A good goal to set for yourself is to invest at least 10% of your income in the stock market. The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach is a wonderful book to read if you want to learn more about financial literacy and investing. He demonstrates in this book how, if you can automate your stock market investment, you can become a billionaire even if you never earn more than $50,000 each year.

How To Make Money With Apps As A Teen

It just takes two seconds to make money using applications. Apps are the easiest to get started with, but they generally pay the least amount of money. You won’t become wealthy doing most of these things, but if you’re a kid searching for a fast method to generate money, apps are a terrific alternative.

45. Create a TikTok account


You may think of Tik Tok as a location to go for laughter and amusement when you think about it. Many individuals, however, are earning a lot of money using Tik Tok.

Companies will pay you to advertise their product on your profile if you can become an influencer on the network. You may establish your own branded products or apparel line, much like other influencers like Addison Rae and Charli D’Amelio.

46. Become a Swag Bucks member

Swagbucks is certainly a name you’ve heard of. After you join up and create a profile, you may earn money by doing surveys, watching movies, and shopping online. Once you’ve completed enough interactions with the app, you’ll be rewarded with free gift cards to your favorite merchants like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and others. They have handed out over 450 million dollars to their subscribers since they began.

47. Become a VIP Voice Subscriber

VIP Voice’s app is available for download on all of your devices. All you have to do is utilize the internet as you normally would. They pay you because they will reveal your search history to corporations interested in learning more about how people use the internet. You’ll be entered into sweepstakes if you use the app, and you may win rewards. This is a terrific opportunity for a youngster to gain money, since they claim to give away approximately $10,000 every month on their website.

48. Become a member of My Points

We all like expressing our views to others. You may as well get compensated for your efforts. When you join up for My Points, you will be invited to participate in surveys in which you may earn points for providing truthful answers. You may acquire gift cards from some of your favorite businesses after you have accumulated enough points. Swagbucks operates in a similar way.

49. Make Money Teaching English As A Teen With Bridge.edu

Bridge.edu is a website that may help you start your online teaching career. Aside from being proficient in English, you don’t need any credentials. You may coach students who wish to study English as a second language after passing Bridge.edu’s certification test to establish your fluency in English. This is not only a terrific way to earn money as a teen, but it’s also a great resume builder. 

50. Become a Sweatcoin member

You will have more energy as a teenager than at any other time in your life. Put that energy to good use by allowing it to earn you money. So, given the energy you have, how can you create money?

Sweatcoin may be signed up for. You get compensated just for wandering around. Sweatcoin may be downloaded with just a smartphone. Sweatcoin will then compensate you for the number of steps you have taken.

51. Become a member of Get Perksy.

Get Perksy is a mobile application that asks you a series of questions about your lifestyle. It takes very little time and generally simply asks questions on well-known and loved companies. You can receive gift cards to brands like Nike, Netflix, and Nordstrom if you complete their short surveys. 

52. Create an Instacart account

You may join Instacart if you’re at least 18 years old. Instacart is a grocery delivery business that employs individuals to transport groceries from supermarkets to customers’ houses.

Once you’ve signed up, you may either work as an in-store shopper for commission or by the hour, depending on your choice. You may work on your own time, and after you’ve delivered the groceries, you can cash your cheque right away.

53. Download the Smart App

Smart App, which has over 1 million users, enables you to earn incentives just by interacting with your phone. The software will track things like which applications you use the most, how long you use them for, and what you look for on a regular basis. 

You may earn monthly passive income and quarterly loyalty incentives just by using the app. Simply for finishing your first month, they will offer you $10. 

54. Become a Toluna member

You may use Toluna to impact both digital media sources and your own online community. By giving your opinion and responding to surveys that drive change, you can use the Toluna app to help revolutionize goods and services. You may earn incentives in the form of points for each survey you complete. You will be entered into contests, much like many of the other applications, and have the opportunity to win new prizes such as trips, certificates, or even a cash bonus.

55. Food Delivery for Door Dash


Doordash is a mobile app that allows you to order meals and have it delivered to your house. They collaborate with a number of restaurants and fast food chains in certain locations, and they pay delivery people to pick up and deliver the meal.

To work at Doordash, you must be at least 18 years old. They also demand that you have your own mode of travel (this could be a bike in certain metropolitan areas). You may work your own hours, and there is always employment since people order meals to be delivered to their homes. 

56. Participate in an E-Poll

Every month, E-Poll distributes $1,000 to 50 persons who utilize their site. Although $20 may not seem to be a large sum, all you have to do is answer a few questions to be included into the drawing. Unlike other applications that require you to do numerous surveys every day, you are instantly included into the contest after you finish one survey. As a result, you just need to utilize this software once every month.

57. Register for i-Say

i-Say allows you to participate in surveys in which you may express your thoughts on popular applications. You may earn points that you can redeem at restaurants, retail establishments, or even contribute to organizations if you complete more surveys.

58. Use Task Rabbit To Make Money As A Teen

TaskRabbit is an online marketplace that connects local demand with freelancers. People use the app to get instant assistance with mundane jobs such as cleaning, moving, and painting. TaskRabbit will show you how much money you may earn every hour when you join up as a Tasker. TaskRabbit offers it everything, whether you want to assist with shopping, gardening, or sewing.

59. Create an account in SecondLife 

In the year 2003, Second Life was launched. People may use the platform to build virtual experiences. You can build in-game things that users can earn when you establish a Second Life account. Similar to how you can purchase various skins in Fortnite, you can design different features in this game. People may buy these features from you when you build them.

60. Become a SurveySavvy member

SurveySavvy is our last app that may help you generate money online. You may earn money quickly by filling out surveys and polls by downloading this app on your computer and phone. You may generate more money by adding additional gadgets. Every month, you’ll earn $5 per device. You can also earn money by referring new users to the site. This enables you to generate two alternative income streams.

How To Make Money Working Part-Time As A Teen

This is the most typical method for an adolescent to earn money. These aren’t as scalable as beginning your own neighborhood or internet company, but they may provide you with a constant source of income. This might be a terrific way to get started if you’re a teen looking to generate money.

61. Work As A Bus Boy


You may become a busboy at any age, and most restaurants are in desperate need of help. You don’t need any prior expertise, and you’ll receive free meals as well. You could even get promoted to waitress if you stay there long enough.

This is advantageous since as a waiter, you are paid not just your normal income but also tips. This is an excellent opportunity to practice customer service and multitasking.

62. Work as a salesperson at a store

Retail establishments are always seeking part-time employees, whether you reside near a Macy’s, Target, or Walmart. Folding clothing, manning the cash register, and making sure everything are where they need to be will take up the most of your workweek. The job isn’t too taxing, and you can normally work as much as you want as a teen, enabling you to earn as much money as you want.

63. Earn Money Working At An Amazon Warehouse As A Teen

Amazon has fulfillment hubs around the United States. You’ll be responsible for completing orders placed via Amazon while working in an Amazon warehouse. During times like the summer, this is another part-time work that may be turned into a full-time employment. You must be able to stand for long periods of time and lift things weighing up to 30 pounds.

This will not only provide you with valuable operational experience, but it will also help you construct your résumé. Everyone is familiar with Amazon, and having it on a CV may help you get numerous jobs.

64. Get a Job As A Golf Caddy

This is one of the finest methods for an adolescent to generate money. Golf is considered a “rich man’s” pastime, therefore if you can become a golf caddy, you’ll be working with wealthy people. It’s also not a difficult job. You’re mostly responsible for carrying the player’s bag, cleaning the clubs, and going ahead of the golfer to find their ball.

If you like golf and spending time with other golfers, this is ideal. You’ll not only be around golf all day, but you’ll also get the chance to pick the players’ brains and ask them questions about their careers. Hearing their thoughts on work and money might help you learn things that took them years to find out.

Important Points to Remember

Many individuals assume that making money as a teen is impossible. You are never too young to earn money, though. It’s because you’re never too young to make a difference. People are never taught how money works in school. Allow me to explain shortly. Money is seen by many individuals as a life goal. Money, on the other hand, has no intrinsic worth. Money provides you with the power to buy everything you desire. It serves as a means of trade.

A value proposition is the method through which money is transmitted. A candy bar costs one dollar because that is the worth of a candy bar. There will be no more or less. A Ferrari costs hundreds of thousands of dollars because that is how much a Ferrari is worth.

If you want to generate money as a teen, you should begin by considering what value you can supply and at what price. When I first began dog walking, I saw that a 30-minute walk cost an average of $15. As a result, I charged $8. I finally worked my way up to $15-$20 each walk, but I realized that if I wanted to break into the industry, I needed to provide more value than the money I was asking for. I was able to raise the price of my service after I had established a name for myself.

Think the same approach when you’re an adolescent attempting to generate money. You have more than enough possibilities to get started on your business path with these 60+ techniques. All that’s left for you to do now is take action, be patient, and show up every day. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. 

The “how to make $1,000 as a teenager” is a guide that will give you 64 of the best ways to actually make money as a teen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to make money fast as a teenager?

A: It is important to establish methods of making money that are viable for teenagers as well. Some options include experimenting with small side jobs like babysitting, working in a fast food restaurant or taking on odd-jobs around the house.

How can a teenager make $10000?

A: Some people make $10000 by starting a business, and others do it through investments or flipping houses.

How can I earn money as a teenager?

A: There are a few ways you can earn money as a teenager. You could get a summer job, sell something on eBay or even start your own business!

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