4 Simple Things You Can Do that Will Attract Success

Tips on how to gain the most from your marketing efforts.

The “attract success quotes” is a list of 4 simple things that you can do to attract success. The article provides some examples and tips on how to implement these ideas into your life.

Our team spent this week researching a simple technique that superstars like Steve Harvey, Oprah Winfrey, and Jack Canfield (author of Chicken Soup for the Soul) credit to their success. The method is known as “The Secret,” or The Law of Attraction.

THE ATTRACTION LAW The law of attraction is based on the documentary “The Secret,” which was released in 2006 (and is now available on Netflix), as well as Rhonda Byrne’s book. Outside of the Bible, Steve Harvey said in an interview that The Secret is the most impactful book he has ever read.



The law of attraction essentially states that “like attracts like.” The energy that you emit ATTRACTS you. If you are a pessimistic, negative person, you will experience more negativity in your life. More positivity will appear in your life if you are a joyful, optimistic person.

That’s all there is to it.

So, why don’t we do it more often? It’s not simple, to be sure. We all face challenges in our life. We make errors and lose loved ones…. We’ve received some horrible news. The key is to know where to put our thoughts.

THE RULE OF FIVE MINUTES Recognize that it’s alright to feel unhappy the next time you hear unpleasant news. Allow yourself no more than five minutes to express your anger. Stop what you’re doing after five minutes and get a pen and paper (Yes, a PEN and PAPER.) Put your phone down and jot down five things for which you are grateful in your life. Then, during the following year, write five personal objectives that you’d want to see develop in your life. Every night, our team has been performing this to ensure that we are surrounded by good ideas. Use a five-minute diary and put it next to your bed so you don’t forget to write in it. This may seem stupid, but you are picturing your ideas, and as Steve Harvey so well put it,

“You can hold something in your hand if you can picture it in your head.”

Go out and get a bulletin board if you want something even larger. This is going to be your “Dreamboard.” You must first be able to imagine your goals before you can achieve them. Make a list of the automobile you desire, and even print a picture of it to stick on your board. Your objectives will begin to appear in your life if you put them out there and visualize them on a regular basis.

I understand what you’re thinking. “This is insane; a Dodge Charger will not emerge in my driveway tomorrow.” No, it won’t; that’s also beside the point. The most important thing is to have a vision. The path will materialize from there.


  • The Law of Attraction states that you attract what you put forth.
  • “You can hold anything in your hand if you can picture it in your thoughts.” Harvey, Steve
  • Purchase a bulletin board (Dreamboard) and begin picturing your objectives on it.
  • When an issue emerges, try to devote just 5 minutes of your time/energy to solving it. Write down 5 of your goals/things you are grateful for after five minutes using a pen and paper. This will assist your mind in focusing on the good parts of your life and assisting you in manifesting more of them.

The “how to attract abundance of money” is a list of 4 simple things you can do that will attract success.

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