What is PPC?


In today’s day and time, we have several types of marketing, both digitally and traditionally. Within the digital marketing scene, we have various ways to choose which model we wish to use and how to implement it effectively. One such marketing model is the use of Pay Per Click or PPC. In this type of marketing, the marketer needs to pay only if and when their ad gets clicked by a viewer of the website online. Google, Bing and some other search engines provide this service and the PPC is usable on an auction basis and the company which places the highest bid, get their ad placed in the best place.

These bids are done so that an ad of their company or page shows up when specific keywords or phrases are searched on a search engine. There are results which are non-paid and pop up due to the search phrases and these ads appear on the top and bottom of these results. The search engine gets paid by you every time someone clicks the ad, independent of the number of times the ad actually pops up. There will be a specific amount which you bid like 12 rupees. If a user arrives on your page by clicking your ad which was sold at 12 rupees, and the number of people who visited the ad were 10, then you have to pay 120 rupees to the search engine or PPC service, and not more than that.

pay per click

PPC is really important because the traffic to your website can be generated fast and easily. Once you spend enough bucks to get the top place for the ad, any internet user sees your ad first and a well- written ad definitely gets clicked on fast. A simple organic search engine lags for a long time to change the audience behaviour but a PPC takes exponentially lesser time in doing so, perhaps a couple of days, or even hours if you’re lucky!

The drawbacks with PPC should also be brought to light. It can get a bit too expensive and the costs might get out of hand quickly. Bidding wars based on blind ego can make a head position official lose sight of how much money of the company’s fund they start spending just to secure a higher position. There are inflation problems as well which increase the cost per click and these inflations happen because of the restrictions in the field of quality in keywords. Another problem with it is that more traffic would mean an increase in payment of money while the cost per click does not change. This would ultimately mean that the overall cost would increase. But in case of SEO or Search Engine Optimization, the amount of investment of effort or money is made and the effective cost per click decreases once the traffic increases.

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